A quick one

Little bear

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I did this last Saturday. Don’t let the title fool you – once I had all the elements it WAS put together pretty quickly. BUT it took me ages to trace and handcut the chipboard letters. I didn’t think I was going to get anything actually stuck down that night!!

Little Bear came with a book called “Can’t you sleep Little Bear?”. Cute story. Mr 3 finally found something he could love! So Little Bear has been wandering with us for quite some time. I invested in a Mark II bear just before Christmas when LB was having his *adventure* in Nature’s Discovery (note: toys CAN take just 20 seconds to disppear forever!). Luckily he was found while visiting his other toy pals and we got the call to reunite us.

Sadly, LB Mark I did not come home from McD’s while I was away a few weeks ago. HUGE sigh of relief that Mr 3 was just as accpeting of Mrk II – and we have pleaded with Little Bear to keep his adventuring to within the boundaries of our house.


7 thoughts on “A quick one

  1. Awww, that is so cute!! Love it!!

    Sorry to hear that Little Bear didn’t come home from McD’s … I do worry about that with my boys’ toys and feel that I should have “seconds” of all of them just in case!! We DO have 3 blankies for Tyler so that’s one thing … LOL

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