Bouquet time

OK so I hit Telecom with a really huge Brickbat yesterday – and yes, by and large they derserve as many of those as come there way. And usually more besides.


With literally 2 hours before my self-imposed deadline to have things fixed before we took our custom elsewhere, I gave the help number another call to see if anything was being done on my logged case.

I got a really lovely girl – extremely professonal and knowledgable. Or at least she came across that way. She was willing and able to try several variants of fixes with me on the line until finally we got there. I now have my e-mail service back and working – just the way it should.

Don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t excuse much of the high handed approach our biggest Telco seems to enjoy using with us, the customer. However, if they employed more staff like this woman, I daresay they would have a much happier client base.

And because I am usually ready to fly off at the handle with Telecom pretty readily – I would like to say a huge thank-you to this individual. You did yourself and your company proud. I hope you go far.


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