Warning: rant contained within! I’m not getting much done today

Largely due to the fact I’m knocking my head against the brick wall that is Telecom.

I’ve not been able to send e-mails since Friday. By yestereday I got sick and tired of trying to be patient so I gave them a call. 40 minutes later – yes, really! I waited THAT long because I had a good head of steam built up and I wasn’t going to the back of the queue again! Not that it helped any!! I got told I needed to update some settings. Well it would have been nice to know that prior I said.

So I updated.

Only to find the problem is now worse: I can’t send OR receive now. Ok, so I now they’ve made this *improvement* but I don’t want anything to do with it. I just want my e-mail! So I call back this morning. I’m on hold. For. Ninety.Five.Minutes. Yes, really. (Luckily I have a walkaround phone so I get to do stuff one handed…)

They tell me all my settings are correct – I’m good to go. What???!!!  😯 Did you not hear me?? I can’t get my e-mail. Oh, well then I should switch to Outlook. Um…. NO! We have our reasons for making the switch to an alternative software some time ago – and I’m not changing back just cos that is convenient for Telecom!! Who do they think they are to dictate the software I run on my PC??!!  My case number from yesterday is updated with all sorts of information that I’m not sure is relevant – but if it means I get my e-mail back, ok.

I hear on the midday news the issues are all solved. Yay I think. WRONG!!! Telecom are big-fat-liars.

When making my point this morning, I told them that if I didn’t have normal service returned by this evening we would be switching providers. I bet they really don’t care.


7 thoughts on “Warning: rant contained within! I’m not getting much done today

  1. Scrappy I had the same issues. What you need to do is go into outlook and change the settings thusly…

    under advanced settings incoming pop server port is 995
    outgoing smtp server port is 465

    make sure that your incoming mail server shows:
    and your outgoing server shows:

    you need to have the send in there. I’ve managed to create seperate addresses for me and my son but had to get hubby on to sorting out the rest as not even cutting and pasting the settings was working.

  2. Oops just read you don’t have outlook. But the settings should work on any email problem as long as you have the ports and smtp servers set up to those settings.

  3. Wow. Bummer you are having these probs, Kelly!! This is exactly why we chose a small company for our ISP. The big ones couldn’t care less about their customers and have too many other services and products to worry about.

    I really hope you get it all sorted out soon! I hate being without email too so I would be as mad as you if it happened to me!

  4. WOW sorry you are having mega Telecom probs. When we got internet connected 3 1/2 yrs ago we rang them to send an info pack out as to what they offer. We are still waiting LOL guess what? We didn’t go with Telecom

  5. 95 minutes!!!! That’s ridiculous! I was able to send and receive and get some email – but I realised I wasn’t getting anything from SBO or SE – so after going through 10 minutes of signing up to this yahoo thing and click this button etc, when all I wanted to do was see if I could check my webmail I finally got to my webmail and discovered this new folder called Bulk. What was in Bulk? Well it was all my missing emails – I then had to open each one individually – yes individually – to click a button that said not spam so that I could teach my web mail to recognise what was and wasn’t spam – it wasn’t spam before so I’m not sure why they thought it had changed – and things that I do count as spam had got through. So 25 emails later I finally had them all reassigned! What a pain – your situation is even worse and I thought mine was frustrating.

  6. It is a right pain in the rear end atm … for some reason I keep getting the same four emails every time I click send and receive … these are the same four emails I’ve now received I would say in excess of 100 times in the last few days, perhaps a week … I’m still receiving other emails, but would like to say, I’m heartily sick of the same old, same old …

    And as for S L O W … well we won’t go there. Telecom really do need to get their act together … so YUP, I can sympathise with one and all atm …

    Technology can be so frustrating … grrrrhhhh!!!!

  7. Like Hannah thats why I am with a small ISP. Mike said they have had a few cals and thanks to Telecoms disaster they have inadvertly been advertising for Mikes company as people are sick of it all. In saying that people think his ISP is too expensive but has he pointed out to me, at least thier customers havent had to go without emails for a week.

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