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I did it!

I actually braved it and took the opportunity to Jack Christi’s layout. It was very daunting for me as I love how Christi scraps and how there is so much full on richness to it. My attempts at something similar in the past have all tended to look like the rubbish heap about to be thrown out!

But thanks to a kit piece – the Hambly transparency, I got brave and thought I’d give it a go.  I’ve probably ended up being more literal than I intended as I decided to use lots of patterns and stitching – elements of Christi’s work that I adore! That and the fact I seemed to have the exact same kind of photo, I decided it was much easier to be closer to the original than to re-invent the wheel completely. 😉

If you haven’t already seen some of the examples, go take a look…. I love how there are different interpretations on the theme.

Now I’ve had my first go, I’m looking forward to seeing the next one! 🙂


10 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Gorgeous!!! You did such a great job with this, Kelly!! I’m very impressed. The Hambly overlay is perfect for it.

    You should totally keep doing the Jacks … they are so much fun! I wish they were more frequent than once a month! 😉

  2. Kelly that is stunning and I think you have done an awesome job the overlay looks fricking cool and I love how you used a similar photo, clever idea!! I think your layout has a lot of richness too.

  3. Kelly, thats the fun thing with the Jacks you can take whatever inspo you like from them and use it to work for you…great that you had a similar photo (I wish I could take cool birthday cake pics like that, mine never turn out lol!) love the pp you chose to compliment it and yes that hambly is just gorgeous…thanks so much for jacking along with us, hope to see you again!!

  4. Wow, Kelly, this is great! Loved it when I seen it in Bloglines! And when I first saw it, I was like ‘hey that’s my layout lol’. But I’m just like you. I am a literal scraplifter lol. I feel if I don’t do it pretty much like the original that I’m not doing much where a lift is concerned. I think you are the only literal one I have seen. I haven’t been back to check out links so I must do that! You should definitely try another jack. It can be frustrating but very satisfying at the end 😉 Fabulous!

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