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Friendship Returned

I was thrilled to get my circle journal back from the Scrapbook Essentials girls. This was the first circle journal I’ve ever participated in. I really enjoyed taking part so I signed up to the next one beginning some time next month!

I love the fact that everyone has taken the time on their pages to share what friendship means to them – and of course showcased their talent! Some girls are still close to their childhood friends, others (like me!) make friends along the path their lives lead them. All of them have shown how much these friends mean. Just cool!!

So if you want to take a peek for yourselves – click here and hopefully the slideshow will pop up.



4 thoughts on “Friendship Returned

  1. Fabulous slideshow!! Was so cool to see all the South Island girls’ pages (and Alice’s too!) since I had yours about half-way through. Looks really good, Kelly! I had to guess whose pages were whose but I think I got them all right 😉

  2. Very cool, Kelly! Sorry I seemed to ramble on in mine lol. I’m a bit like that in real life too hehehehe. I’m glad you are happy with your album and that it has inpsired you 😉

  3. WOW Kellu great CJ, I am just in the middle of organising my first circle journal and I am really excited now

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