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Itchy fingers

I so should have been studying tonight. But I came across a bunch of photos from a while ago while I was tidying over the weekend. This was Mr 6 at just 15 months. Who knew the master of 6 year old tantrums could be so cute?!

So this is what he and I would do in our days when he used to be this little. Bake that is: not lick the bowls 😉 . Well, we did that too – but there was cake at the end of the process!

I actually planned on putting up some layouts of more recent times that I did the other night at a friend’s house. But one is pretty personal and I’m not so sure I’m ready to share, and the other is not. quite. done. You know those ones!

So, instead of reading the chapters on business financing, or completing the drafting of some property agreements or some such, well, the fingers needed to be busy. And who am I to deny these urges??

ETA: I know – I self-corrected myself in the title after seeing the mistake! I now have a correctly spelt title. 😳


2 thoughts on “Itchy fingers

  1. Great layout, Kelly! I love your title – it’s completely true, isn’t it? Chef gets to lick the bowl!! But in my house, it never works that way. When I bake, the OTHERS lick the bowl!! LOL 😉

  2. oh I like that, I love the way you have the paper and journalled on the outside too. Licking bowls now theres a memory.

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