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Home sweet home

…. and in need of the housework fairy!

Well, actually that’s not just cos I went away – I always wish for the services of a housework fairy!!

Had a blast in Toowoomba – the term Big Sky really means something to me now. It wasn’t so overwhelmingly hot that I was uncomfortable. Just super pleasant temperature wise. But dry! Wow – I thought the drought had broken but that was only in NSW and further south. These guys have something like 14% in the dams and are on level 5 restrictions. So really, it’s about time I invented some way to get water that is lying around here in great pubbles and soggy lawns and over there!!

The best part of the weekend was hanging out with my friend and her family. One of her girls was recovering from a nasty something that meant lots of coughing and she was just plain worn out.  Her DD2 was maybe coming down with it. It meant they were amazingly quiet the whole time I was there! Claire took me to a really neat place that had been recommended by a friend of hers that scrapbooks (apparently she has never seen this friend so animated until speaking to her about scrapbooking…. I have a feeling we are all like that!!). It was GREAT! I loved poking around and finding things that I haven’t come across here and just being in a different shop. Claire, I think, hasn’t quite come to terms with the fact that friends of hers go ga-ga at the sight of pretty paper etc! Then across from the scrapbooking place was a quilting shop – so yes, I was very much in crafting heaven! The lunch we had was quite tasty too!

Then on Sunday, Claire and I went to Brisbane to go shopping.  My legs are sooooooooooooooo sore from all that walking! 😆 The malls are gargantuan in size! Brought back some goodies for the boys so all happy.

The flight home was swift: we got a tail wind that got us into Welly a good 45 minutes early. This was a good thing as it meant I was tucked up in bed by 12.45am on Monday morning rather than the orginal 1.45am! Still, to say I was knackered by 3pm yesterday was a severe understatement! 😆

So today it is back to reality. Not too bad as it is all sunny – and it is Hubby’s birthday. The Mr’s and I are cake baking after school today. I’m hoping to get the icing right: he likes it just the way his Aunty Muriel made it when he was a boy – all lemony. I like that flavour too – but have yet to hit upon the perfect lemon flavoured icing recipe for banana cakes. Still, I keep trying – feel free to leave me any of your perfect icing recipes! 😆  Hubby will be kicking himself that he did not take today off work: it is a glorious day and perfect for kayacking. He is planning on taking the birthday leave day he gets (yes, really!) on a day like today so he can do just that. I don’t think the forecast was for as great as the day has turned out to be so hopefully another one will be on its way soon.

Ok – back to those real life matters such as housework. Does anyone know where those fairies have gotten to??!


4 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. Kelly the fairies are in the backyard. You need to leave them a wee note asking them if they will come to play in your house. Glad to hear you had a fabbo weekend. Gotta love tail winds.

  2. I’m glad you had such a good time over there, Kelly! Sounds like a wonderful weekend filled with lots of fun and friendship.

    My hubby also gets a day off on his birthday, only he didn’t take his last week, he took it today instead … and worked on his Vespa!

  3. As I recall from Brownies, to get a housework fairy, you go to the pond in the forest, spin around two or three times and recite

    Twist me and turn me
    and show me the elf
    I look into the water and there I see

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