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I’m so excited…!

I’ve not let on here because I didn’t want to appear to be gloating in any way…. Buuuut….. I’m going to get an injection of sunshine this weekend! wooohooo! I’m off to Queensland to spend the weekend with one of my closest girlfriends – and I’m really REALLY looking forward to it. Can you tell??! 😆

Out of hubby’s lovely bonus at the beginning of the year, I snaffled funds to book me a ticket. It’s only the weekend but that will be enough …just! 😆 I’ll take what I can get!!

So mad rush around here getting all the bits organised to make life run smoother. IE if it runs smooth for hubby then I get to go away to play another time! Biggest thing I needed to do was ensure there was food in the house. Could you imagine if I had said now you need to get groceries while I’m away…. yeah right! Not in my lifetime! hahaha!

And apart from all this nonsense, my friendship CJ arrived back home to me this morning. It’s a week or so early so that is a really neat surprise. I’m looking forward to reading through it when I get the chance to sit down this evenimg. The quick glance I’ve had so far it is just plain gorgeous. And there looks to be a lot of heartfelt journalling in there too so I want to give it all the attention it deserves. Hmmm. there’s one choccy chip and a heart biscuit from yesterday left (yes, they were DEMOLISHED between the three boys yesterday…. dad included!! – thanks again Christi – and believe me: I got my fair share too!!) so I think that is required foodstuffs while reading the CJ.

So anyways, behave yourselves over the weekend, get lots of crafting or other fun stuff in – and I’ll do my best to bring back some sunshine! 🙂


7 thoughts on “I’m so excited…!

  1. Have a wonderful weekend away, Kelly! You deserve some special time for YOU so enjoy every single second! Hope you don’t miss your boys too much.

  2. enjoy your break away and sunshine is just what you need at this time of year with winter and all. I say gloat away. Oh how cool to be able to get your cj back and read it……

  3. Have fun and enjoy your weekend across the ditch … I’ll throw another log or two on the fire while you are gone …

    Don’t forget to share pics of your CJ as well … how cool is that getting it back already …

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