Keep our Children safe

I’ve been avoiding thinking on this let alone saying anything here because I simply am sickened to the very depths of myself over it. What will it take to keep our little people, the future of ourselves from the pointless and atrocious harm that little Nia has suffered? It’s exactly this type of sick behaviour that the Anti-Smacking bill was “supposed” to end…. yeah right. These animals were never going to care what kind of law they were breaking so exactly how was the anti-smacking bill going to make them think twice? Where is Sue Bradford on this matter now?

And as for just pointing out that it is the maori children who suffer in this way and therefore that community needs to step up…. Well, maori, dutch, croatian, islander, or just plain kiwi – this was a little New Zealander who has just had any potential she may have held screwed up severely by “people” who just plain should know better. I don’t care what community this occurs in, it happens here in New Zealand. The place we think is so great to bring our kids up in.

Heaven help us all if we can’t save our little ones.


7 thoughts on “Keep our Children safe

  1. I thought the same thing — where the heck is Sue Bradford now?
    I felt physically ill hearing about little Nia’s abuse. I honestly don’t know what we can do about this problem. It’s like the government is too tied up with political argy-bargy and red tape CRAP that they can’t get their heads our of their butts to DO SOMETHING!! It’s awful that we have such a high child abuse rate. It’s wrong! It’s unacceptable!
    I have my own personal theories about this whole thing (which I won’t get into here, for fear of offending somebody … and that’s part of the issue too, not fixing the “problems” because it might upset a group of people — get over it for goodness sake!) …. anyway, I just wish the people with the power to change things would actually do something. How many more innocent children have to die before things get better?

  2. I don’t know the whole story here, only what DH has heard here and there. I don’t watch the news for this reason. I am completely gobsmacked at the goings on here in this case. Yeah, so much for that anti-smacking bill! And the reason the abuse is probably so high here is there isn’t a high punishment for it. And why aren’t people reporting things even when they see a child on a roof even though the parents are down in the house???? I think we have to look at our younger generation. See what they go through. I think there needs to be a zero tolerance on bullying, hitting or even play hitting at school. This only leads to worse behavior when they are older. If they have aggressions then join a physical sport. Get them help. NZers aren’t big on help in the form of therapy and what not. Too macho!

  3. The Anti Smacking law is just smoke and mirrors, to make it seem as though the Govt is addressing the issue. It’s like this new Hospital scheme to have all women patients or care givers of child patients asked questions about Family Violence, so when they know, what exactly are they going to do about it? I think it’s sexist too, it’s not just men who are violent. And the questions they intend to ask… Has anyone ever threatened or hurt you? What EVER? In my entire life? Sure they have, the little boy in primer three threatened to pull my pony tail if I didn’t let him have my marbles and then he did it. Not well thought out at all and you know what, I’ve had two kids and I am here to tell ya a woman in transition will say anything to get you out of their face during a contraction!

  4. It just makes you want to cry. It’s time for us to stop relying on the Government to do something we have too much of the nanny state already. It’s time for us all to start caring about our neighbours and sticking our necks out.

  5. It makes me sick how anybody can do this sort of thing. No child of any race should ever be subjected to this kind of abuse (or worse). But it keeps on happening because it will fall into the too hard basket due to political correctness winning yet again.

  6. I believe that WE are the people with the power to stop this from happening. Speak up when you see something you don’t find acceptable. If we all stopped being scared of the repercussions of ‘sticking our nose in’ there might be a few less abused children around.

    As an example, a friend’s master 3 was having an almightly tantrum one day, when the neighbour came rushing over because the screeches coming from the house sounded like a child in excruciating pain. She assumed the child had been hurt and was coming to see if her help was needed. In this case the child was fine, and the child certainly wasn’t being abused, but the neighbour knew that sound wasn’t normal and she ‘stuck her nose in’. Good on her.

    As you can imagine, they were both a little embarrased. But better a LITTLE embarrassment for saying something, than a BIG regret for not.

    I wonder how many people in Nia’s community are having BIG regrets now?

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