SBO Heritage

Gosh, did it seemed like I disappeared?? It has sure felt like it!

Reality and all those things that you just have to catch up on finally won out on the priority list and have meant my time on-line lately has been somewhat limited. It’s all good though as it means I’ve been busy studying, creating, and mending.

Mending me as my finger looks ok and I’m almost over a heavy cold that came my way last week. Still taking care of Mr 3’s snotty nose though. Parenthood is full of rewards….. πŸ˜†

I’ve managed to create some layouts that I will share if I get the chance – a couple of them have been a long time coming so the fact I got to a crop a week or so ago means they finally got done. I was feeling pretty darn good with myself as I did a count of how many layouts I’ve managed to get done this year…. 46…. and then I read someone’s comment about how it doesn’t matter how many you do as long as you are happy. Hmmm…. I’m pretty darn happy with the fact I have actually gotten the ones I have done…. and therefore making a dent in the pile I have kinda planned. Oh well, it isn’t a race as I keep reminding Mr 6…. but I reckon I’m on track with one ill-defined goal of mine for the year. So, I am happy….. πŸ˜†

I have one more CJ round to do until I get my Friendship book back. I’m really looking foward to it…. Getting to look through everyone’s work – but more importantly, their stories. Actually, I tell a lie…. I have TWO more to do…. I’m late with the one that is meant to go out today 😳 (sorry Karen!!)
But the little ATCs above are going out on time. I struggled with the theme of “heritage” for the July ATC swap at Scrapbook Outlet. Finally, although they are simple, I think they take a swipe at my heritage: 1: Born under a Southern Cross, 2: One-eyed Crusader and 3: Kiwiana.

3 thoughts on “SBO Heritage

  1. Certainly sounds as though you’ve been busy, Kelly! Glad to hear the finger is on the mend and your cold is improving. Seems to be a lot of bugs around at the moment.
    Well done getting so many layouts done – especially if that is a goal of yours. I don’t have a goal for how many I want to get done, I basically just feel happy if I’ve scrapped at all! Although I must admit, being in this CJ round has made me scrap more full-stop! I tend to do my CJ entry, then get really motivated and inspired to make time for my own scrapping. So this year has been quite productive for me too. It’s just good to feel happy about spending time doing a hobby that you love! Glad you are *happy* about that πŸ™‚

  2. Pleased to hear that the finger is healing … you won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

    On the scrapping front, go you – that’s a lot of layouts already this year … I’ve never given any thought to how many layouts I want to scrap … I just go with the flow … quite a few things sidetrack me tho from time to time.

    And it’s nearly time for our very own CJ’s to make it back to the nest. Woo hoo!!!! Can’t wait … I’m going to need a chef when mine comes back.

  3. Oh I love your ATC’s … mine went out in the post today too πŸ™‚
    Yay you on getting *so much* creative work done … even if my CJ is still on the TO DO list πŸ™‚

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