Anyone up for Rhubarb and Finger crumble?

… Thought not! 😆 This is what I was attempting to prepare for the family last night. Why else would I have attempted to slice my finger along with the rhubarb?

It was a pretty deep cut and I thought it might have needed a stitch or two as it was still bleeding an hour and a half later. Once DH was home, I took myself down to the A&E. To sit for about 30 minutes before I got to speak to the triage nurse. What is wrong with our health system? I saw people come in after me with dislocated shoulders, a possible miscarriage and several other nasty injuries. Like me, they had to fill out a form and wait for the single triage nurse available.

Now, I don’t like to waste time and I did think that in the grand scheme of things that my wee injury was probably minor. But as I was still bleeding, I didn’t want to take the risk that it might have been more serious than I realised. So I waited. The triage nurse was lovely when I got to see her – by this time the bleeding had finally stopped. She said I did need stitches , but unless I wanted to hang around for upwards of 6 hours I might be better to go to the afterhours. I thought that that was not a plan for me – I don’t think 2 stitches warrents a 6 hour wait, so I went and paid the phenomenal charges – for two steri strips. Sigh!

All along though I felt guilty for sitting in line potentially taking up space for someone more urgent that me. But then I’m not trained to know minor from something a little mroe serious and we pay our taxes like anyone else so why shouldn’t I receive the care? Our health system – it’s a big debate. And the last thing I want to do is slag off those at the coalface. I think those people are doing by and large a wonderful job in a system which grinds them down as much as the recipients.

It’s not the first time we have encountered our health system. Our Mr 3 needed an operation that was classified “semi-urgent” (ie to be done within 6 months) but after being paperworked to a “routine” classification without further consultation, we finally got it sorted 18 months later. This was after multiple phone calls, letters, calls to the minister’s office, calls to our local MP, almost a call to Fair Go. We were desperate to just get it sorted. The most frustrating thing was that there were the resources (thatis, the money, the nurses, the surgeon etc). What the surgeon couldn’t get was time in theatre. What the….??

Look, I could go on for endless hours about the short comings of the system that we have encountered on a personal level. I know that it, and education, are the sort of pits that will take all the money you can throw at it and still do with more. But come on – there must be a solution. And I believe it is a solution that must be sorted from on high – with the people within the system having their input. Unfortunately I don’t have the answers. But I do believe in a country such as ours we  should not put up with a third world system that seems to be in place right now.


6 thoughts on “Anyone up for Rhubarb and Finger crumble?

  1. Ouch – sorry to hear about your finger!! And sorry about the hassles you had. I had to get 7 stitches in my foot last year and went to our local Accident & Medical centre. I got seen within 15 minutes and only had to wait about 20 min before the doctor came to do the stitches. And I’ve taken the boys down there a few times and the longest wait we’ve had was about an hour. Much better than the public hospital – which is too far away from us anyway! We’ve been in private hospitals for Tyler’s operations and they were brilliant, so my experience of the public hospital is very very small!! I only hear stories about it. But I do agree that our health system needs a lot of work. A LOT!

  2. Mmm, rhubarb and finger sounds like a delicious combination, but seriously. There is much to be said about our health system, things could be so much better! On the weekend my 9 year old had conjunctivitus and he couldn’t wait until Monday to be seen. My Dh and I had it as well but I could wait until Monday but you can’t make a child with really sore eyes wait. But the gist of my story is how much it cost…..for the 3 of us it was $174 :0 And then another $72 for the eye drops. Now what I don’t understand is why the horrendous price? Now that normal GPs are only $25?

    Like Hannah said private is better but it is way more expensive!

    But I do hope your finger isn’t feeling too sore and heals faster than it took for it to stop bleeding!

  3. Ewwwwwhhhhh and OUCH … I felt that … sometimes the health system leaves a lot to be desired, it truly does.

    Hope that the finger is on the mend … next time – BE CAREFUL … yeah right she says …

    Take care.

  4. I hope your finger’s getting better. Slack I know not reading about it in your blog until now. However all injuries need money spent on them to make you feel better so I hope you got to Scrapbook Central or some nice and close internet shop to make you feel better.

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