On Being 36

Seeing as I threw out a wee challenge to you to go do some BoM pages. And considering I wanted to do some creating for me. I thought I should really get on and do something. That and my head was hurting from having so many ideas!

I got all inspired by the All About Eve challenge #2: Age – so here is my take. Seeing as hubby as (possibly quite rightly….. 😆 ) put a spending cap on my supplies, I had to dig through some of my stash. That can only be a good thing, right?! I think I’ve managed to use supplies from about 3 of the Scrapbook Essentials monthly kits – I bet Meg never thought that would happen!!

My journalling is about how once upon a time I thought 26 was the magical age…. and how suddenly 10 years on, I’m actually more or less comfortable to be in my skin. Most days. 😆

In other news… well, hardly news! 😆 Term 3 started today, and it was good to have some routine back. Routine? Yeah right!! An invite to for morning tea – couldn’t refuse. And lunch with an old friend… definitely. And the study…… exactly! 😆 Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Seriously though, it was a good thing having lunch with the girlfriend. I may not have studied, but she did make me walk the vegetarian panini off. And how! Along Oriental Parade, then up the path to Roseneath. I’d forgotten how steep Mt Vic is!! My legs are definitely noticing they got used today. And it was superbly calm and warm in the sun. Grab the moment…. 🙂


8 thoughts on “On Being 36

  1. Loving it Kelly and I also want to give this one a go. Tp me age is just a number. Oh my routine dy was nothing like yours, hmmm want to swap lol.

  2. Love your layout – And way to go you! You got a page done for your BOM and also used some old stash up!

    Fabby stuff!
    jakey x

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