All About Me

How many of us out there are working on a Book of Me album? Or even pages? I reckon there’s a bunch of us who know we should, but for a million and one reasons never get around to it. I’m loving the fact that the fantabulous Janine provides us with some prompts at Scrapbook Essentials. So far I think I’ve only missed the one month – but have plans to catch it up.

While spending time waiting for some assignment answers to come to me, I checked out a few other places – and found this great site: All About Eve. It’s a new blog – designed specifically to get us moving about telling OUR stories. The ones that don’t get told because we’re always too busy telling everyone elses. They of course need to be told – but so do ours! Their first two prompts are great – very simple yet open to a whole range of interpretations. You could keep it simple and light – or delve deeper and get some insight to yourself

So my plan is to get a bit selfish over the next couple of weeks – and do some me pages – get that crafty spark going again. The boys will ALWAYS have a zillion and one pictures that I want to scrap – but I want to make sure I get in some ME time.

So why don’t you join me and get some of your stories told. If you do, link back to me so I can check them out. 😆


6 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Kelly – I’ve got that blog marked too. I’m bad about this as well. I guess I always figure I have soooooooo much to catch up on for the girls that I figure one day they will be doing their own and I can do mine lol. But I know that will never happen. I should set a goal of like 5 of them and 1 of me. I don’t know. I know I should do more. I’ll try but it might have to wait until January lol. See, don’t ya like that procrastination lol.

  2. oh I will have to check the blog out. I say go you on spending some time scrapping about you and your stories, your boys and future generaton will thank you for this.

  3. I’ll definitely check out that site, Kelly.
    I’ve been doing quite a few “me” pages lately, and it really feels good! I think I’ll be going back and retrospectively doing Janine’s challenges that I didn’t have time for. You’re right about it being important to tell our own stories, not just our kids’ ones!

  4. I am one of those that have all good intentions of doing the book of me layouts and never get around to it. Have made a goal to start doing them and catching up on past ones once we have moved.

    Def going to go and have a look at that site.

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