I think this is just wrong in so many ways!

On a forum I’m on, someone popped up this warning that Tara Whitney popped on her blog. Good on her for making it known and *out there*!

I find it scary that people with the tech knowledge are so caught up in the “Hey, this would be cool” moment that they haven’t thought through the consequences. I doubt it applies to anyone outside the US, but give it time, it probably will.

I say let’s step up and make it known that this has serious implications and they should re-think the concept… A LOT!!


6 thoughts on “I think this is just wrong in so many ways!

  1. Hmm, I heard of this quite a while ago, but nothing ever since. I wonder if it’s true?????? Not that I doubt your sources, but it’s just odd that I saw it several months ago and then nothing else … you’d think there would have been some kind of uproar and huge publicity about it. And doesn’t it completely and totally breach the privacy act anyway?? I wouldn’t have thought it could be possible. Google would have to get some pretty big permissions to do it.

  2. Well, seems it is true … Google have information about it on their website!
    Here’s what I found after doing a very quick search:


    “Google has added the convenience of US street address and phone number lookup to the information we provide through our search box. You’ll see publicly listed phone numbers and addresses at the top of results pages for searches that contain specific kinds of keywords.

    To find listings for a US residence, type any of the following combinations into the Google search box:

    first name (or first initial), last name, city (state is optional)
    first name (or first initial), last name, state
    first name (or first initial), last name, area code
    first name (or first initial), last name, zip code
    phone number, including area code
    last name, city, state
    last name, zip code

    To have your residential phone and address information removed from the Google PhoneBook, click here.”


    My bet is most people are just removing their details from the Google Phonebook. And if/when it comes to NZ, I’ll be doing the same!!

  3. I will certainly be dong the same if it comes to NZ. In my last job and when I was single I was unlisted in the phone book as I certainly didn’t want claimants calling me at home.

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