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Choo, choooo!!

Yesterday was $2 Thursday on the trains. Great activity!

Although the weather was less than desirable, I figured that we would at least be out and about rather than in front of the TV for yet another day. And with luck the trains would have heaters! They did. 🙂

We hooked up with friends and took the 11.25 from Waterloo into the city. The big boys carried their own tickets, and Mr 3 held on to mine. There was a lot of excitement watching the harbour waves break near the tracks – would it splash us?? At the time we left, there weren’t too many people on the train. Normally when they run the promotion, there is usually a lot more.

At the station we parted with out friends – they were going to meet their dad for lunch. We checked out the time our next train would leave – having decided at the last  minute to jump on the J’ville line. Tunnels you see! Quick pit-stop at the toilets – Mr 3’s nappy was emitting certain *odours* 😦 Bumped into neighbours from across the street – they were going to Paraparam. Bumped into swim lesson buddies – they had done the trip to Upper Hutt, back into town, and were heading back home. Phew! Just made it to the J’ville train before departure.

The J’ville line is a little rickety-er (that’s a word?!) than I remember and certainly a little more *train-like* than the hutt line. The Mr’s LOVED it. Remembering to count how many tunnels we went through. Got to five and thought that was it. Wait a minute – there’s another one! And One more!!

By the time we reached the end of the line, I decided it would be foolish to turn straight back around so we headed to the J’ville mall for a bite to eat – trusty McD’s! The southerly was diabolical – freezing and driving. But a mad dash and we were inside.

OK – sidebar: the new McD’s system….. it is NOT fast food!!! It might be made fresh when you order it now, but it is NOT out to you faster. I could not believe it took 20 minutes with just 2 people in front of me!!!! So, we missed the 1pm train back to the city…. fine, we’ll catch the 1.30.

The ride back was a lot noisier – lots more families heading back from similar outings. A bunch of teenagers riding too: trying to be cool with sounds. They were noisey as! But they were having fun and not really annoying anyone.

Back at the central station – then we ran back across the platforms to catch our final train for the day back out to the Hutt. The Mr’s were a little less excitable and a little more manic now… but not too bad. By the time we got home about 3 and a half hours later, Mr 3 curled up on the couch and went to sleep (so cute!).

And when dad came home, there was loud and excited talk of the day’s adventures.

Not too bad for 4 bucks and a wet day!


4 thoughts on “Choo, choooo!!

  1. Sounds like a really fun activity – especially for little boys! Sadly we don’t have trains around here, we are too far out from the city and the trains obviously don’t come over the Harbour Bridge :-0

    Oh, and totally agree about McD’s new system – we went there a couple of weekends ago (promised the kids, they wanted the Shrek 3 toys) and I waited 40 min in line!! Luckily our McD’s has a playground so the kids couldn’t have cared less about the wait. But it was crazy!! I’d rather have a pre-made burger in 3 minutes than a hot one in 40!

  2. Great idea on the trains and yes the Jville line is a bit dodgy lol, especially the carages and given how far you have to travel its slow lol. But at least we have a line I spose :-). Sounds like the boys had a blast. I said the same thing to Mike about the golden arches, it takes too long and its now slow food service.

  3. The little Mr’s will have many memories and will tell stories of the day that they caught so many trains with their Mum … sounds as tho they had a blast. Hope you took the camera and lots of pics.

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