Back Home

And it is soooo nice to be home. Don’t get me wrong – me and the boys had a good time down south – but it was sooooo full on, it’s just nice to be home and just hanging!

OK – so the highlights:

  • Day 1 with Pop – five (yes count them!) activities in the one day. Dad had the pleasure of the Mr’s company on the first day and he added into the mix the 2 Chch based cousins. So 4 kids aged between 3 and 7 all to himself. Yep, he’s mad!! The kids had a ball: Antarctic centre and Willowbank in the morning. McD’s for lunch (I collected Mr 3 for a well needed afternoon nap) and the older kids carried on with a tram ride, the aquarium and Science Alive! I told Mr 6 that was all the activities he was getting for the next 4 holidays!!!! 😆
  • Day 2 and it was Nana’s turn. A much quieter day was planned – and with the weather turning iceier than freezing, a few toys and a DVD was all that was needed. They did get out a bit to play with Lucky the sheep.
  • Day 3 and now it was time for the quasi-birthday party. I had the brilliant idea of going to the Bear Factory – Mr 6 Looooooooves his bears. And I got stung – man they know how to market! But the kids fell in love, and we have new additions to the family. Namely “Lou” and “Big Bear”. After the Bear adventures, we piled the kids off to Chipmunks. A great idea – we were warm and cosy indoors with our coffees while the kids got to seriously let off steam for a good couple of hours. Mr 6 then got to stay over at his cousin’s house for the night – so Mr 3 and I actually had a massive sleep in the following morning. Nice!!

Meet Lou: Lou web

Friday night was a nice quiet gathering at the sister’s place. Her eldest boy is in a band. Yep – complete with all the noisy equipment. Mr 3 found the little guitar, got cousin to tune it and went on to figure out how to strum quite nicely. Complete with the head-bopping. Clearly a good apprentice!

And what was I doing while the Mr’s were so well occupied? Well, I managed to check out 1 of 3 scrapbook shops, and catch up with an Aunt and Uncle from Temuka (who travelled up specially to see me…. I must be the favourite one! 😉 ) I got a pile of the old photos and a little bit of history to go with them. I was amazed to learn that my nana and grandad on my dad’s side were married for 20 years before adopting my aunt and dad!! Imagine having a whole life – and THEN adding kids!!! 😆

I think the nicest thing was just hanging with my little brother and his girlfriend in the evening, catching up with the sister (who did the timetabling of the parental units for me) and just seeing the kids enjoy each other’s company. I’m amazed to see how well they connect even though they only see each other occasionally.

3 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. love the photo of little Mr strumming on the guitar, so cute. Sounds like a lovely time away and like you said you can relax now. Far out Mr 6 had an action packed day on day one. Kids are so resiliant in how time and distance doesn’t seem to matter when they catch up.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful holiday. I love the photo of Mr 3 playing the guitar – reminds me of my boys, my Dad plays and they are always having a turn on his guitar 🙂

    How cute is that bear?? I’d love to take Tyler to one of those bear-making places. He loves teddies. But it sounds like they are quite expensive!

    I am very impressed with your Dad’s abilities – 4 kids and 5 activities in one day – he is definitely brave! But nice that he wanted to take all that on!!

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