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Hello from Christchurch!

A ha! Yes, I am down on the mainland, on a long overdue visit to the whanau. My brother has been kind enough to vacate his premises so that I have his place all to myself – and the Mr’s. Something I’m sure to do with his new love. Awwww šŸ˜†

The Mr’s coped well with a ridiculously timed late night flight. Ridiculous only because their mother was too concerned with “Grabbing a seat” to pay any attention at all with the time it was actually departing and flying. Big, black tired eyes aside, they coped really well on the flight. They have since spent a day full of crammed in holiday activities with Pop and the cousins. A very quiet day is on the cards at Nana’s place tomorrow!

OK – and just a quick gripe…. one of the reasons my visits down here are so few and far between have a lot to do with the “politics” of the parental units. A late in life divorce makes life seriously tricky – especially when the kids get caught in the middle trying to make sure we don’t make a wrong move with giving a second more time to one of the units than the other. You guys are 20 years older than me…… I soooooo don’t need it!!

Ok, gripe over – cos really – you could tune into Days of our Lives if you want soap opera, right?!

Apart from all that nonsense, we’re having a good time. I set foot into one scrapbooking store today – and am hoping to pop into another tomorrow. It is so much fun poking around a store you don’t normally frequent – it’s like a treasure trove of brands, papers, shiny things, ribbons, brads, papers, rubons, papers, bling…… OK, can you tell I was a wee bit excited?? Donna, I was reasonably controlled, so try your best not to laugh out too loud?!

I woke this morning to the news that the 4 million or so of us riding on the black boat had our dreams dashed – by ONE second. Awwww MAN!!!!!! I have to say I am so pleased that although it is gutting to be that close yet that far, most of those filmed seemed to express nothing but pride in the efforts of Team NZ.Ā  A heart breaking result – but giving it all til the end…. it’s what we like to see.


7 thoughts on “Hello from Christchurch!

  1. um yeah kinda over the fact we lost. I know we lost but do we have to hear about it and see it a million times. Oh well theres always next time. Oh have fun in the shops down there. Ugh at the family politics.

  2. Wow, you’re in Christchurch?! Are you also heading down to Invers to see your Grandad?? I know that’s what you were hoping to do a few weeks ago.

    Have a great time down there – despite the parental politics. Sigh.

    SO BUMMED about the race. But at least we kept on challenging … right to the very last (literal!) second! I’m proud of what we achieved. NZ really DOES have the best yachties in the world — just a pity some of them are on the wrong team!! šŸ˜‰

  3. H i Kelly
    Hope you are enjoying your holiday down south. Thought I’d best pop in and say Hi since you visited my blog the other day and left a lovely comment about the pages I completed at Scrap Camp – thank you kindly šŸ™‚ I really had a ball at Scrap Camp, maybe you could go to the next one. I agree it’s a bummer about the AC but our sailors did us proud. Been through the late in life parentals thing myself – I agree it really can be quite difficult. Enjoy the rest of your time away and don’t spend too much money at Scrapbooking shops – LOL ( is there ever any such thing as too much when it comes to scrapbooking?)

  4. Wow, I am with you on parental politics! Although I get it from my mom mostly lol. She’s soooooooooo jealous of my in-laws for seeing the girls. Get over it already, nothing I can do short of winning the lottery. It’s time to deal with it and move on!

    I hope you have a wonderful stay, Kelly, and such a good time to be away šŸ˜‰

  5. I did laugh out loud – sorry – I didn’t read ahead fast enough šŸ™‚

    I’m pleased to hear it is going ok so far

    Have fun in the shops – do you know about one in Riccarton Rd, down near the Hagley park end – opposite KFC?


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