Six years ago today

Our life was irrevocably changed. Our blue-eyed, blonde (barely!) little boy arrived. So far away from home we were creating our own family.  18 months later we arrived back home with an energetic, walking, talking charmer. Another year and a half flies by, we begin a new chapter at kindy. Making friends, discovering all the boy stuff you could want for, finding heroes in Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Two more years flit by, and now you know all about Spidey, riding bikes, starting school. In another blink we are yet another year on. Still Spidey, taking an interest in all sorts of things from sports to crafts to stuff with all the enthusiasm a 6 year old can muster (and that is a LOT).

What I can’t figure out is just how 6 years can pass in just a few seconds….. It hardly seems right that you are this old when I can remember you taking your first spoon of real food, the pleasure of uninterupted sleep, changing nappies, knowing if only you stepped forward once you would be on your way. You did – and you are.

Happy Birthday, Greebs!

3 thoughts on “Six years ago today

  1. I totally understand, 10 years with my baby boy has gone like 5 minutes, he’s only an inch shorter than me, he’s not going to be a superhero when he grows up anymore, he might be a scientist or a policeman. 5 years with my baby girl will turn to 6 in September, she has lost all her front teeth, cut her waist length hair into a bob and she insists on choosing her own clothes… Where’d my babies go? Those sweet smelling little huggables are growing up soooo fast.

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