Anyone else feeling a little nervous these days??

After watching the oh-so-close-what-WAS-that-ref-thinking??!!! game of rugby last night, I was tempted to stay up at watch the yachting as well. That was until the presenter said the race start was an hour away. Nope, much better to get some sleep.

The thought was there to watch the highlights re-run this morning. I’m so glad I didn’t. It would have gutted me to see Alinghi slipping past and taking the win. I have full faith in the guys that our team is oh so capable of getting the wins – their team work seems that much more cohesive, and just together. Still, from what I have seen, it’s been lady luck all the way with each win either team has under their belts. So with Alinghi just one race away from total victory, will lady luck stay with them….. or will she come play on our boat for a bit…. for the next three races?? Oh, who knows?! I won’t be staying up to watch – only because I think to do so would bring on certain undesirable health risks! I hope our boys keep it together and keep up the great work they have been doing – no matter the result you know they have been right there each and every time.

Just please hope Berterelli doesn’t see fit to arrange some food-poisoning 😉

PS – please note I have refrained from commenting further on the ref in last night’s game – my post would be too full of expletives and therefore no longer be suitable for general distribution!!


3 thoughts on “Anyone else feeling a little nervous these days??

  1. I stayed up and wathched the first leg then had to go to bed, too tired in the end. I am hoping we can pull off a few more wins. If we don;t well at least we were not beaten 5 nil. The boys can be proud of themselves. As for the rugby……

  2. I didn’t watch either, but the results of both were very sad indeed.
    I hate to say it but I can see the America’s Cup “sailing away” from us … but that doesn’t mean our boys aren’t brilliant and of course we are proud of them.

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