Lovely flowery mail today

This little package of goodies arrived in my letterbox today. Eight gorgeous little pieces of artwork in the form of ATCs. You can see from looking at these examples that my work still has a way to go!

These arrived from Niella who organised a bunch of us on Scrapbook Outlet for this month. The set theme was flowers and I’m pretty sure it was a universally liked theme.

I also managed to complete a circle journal page for an Australian swap so will hopefully get that away in the next day or two. One more to do for that swap and that one is all done and dusted. The last page I do there is “My favourite technique”. Goodness only knows what that is – I certainly don’t! πŸ˜†

Not too much on the grand scheme of things today…. apart from finishing my current assignment. -And then moving on to the one due for the other course. If I didn’t spend so much time playing, I wouldn’t have the pressure of due dates. But then, I’d also lose the title of *Queen of Procrastination* so that wouldn’t be so hot either! Well, actually, it probably would be a good thing – if I ever got around to it!!


5 thoughts on “Lovely flowery mail today

  1. Looks good Kelly. Had a wee giggle about you being the queen of procrastination, I think I share that title with you.

  2. Those ATCs look beautiful Kelly. I’m in an ATC swap on Scrapboxx where 11 of us are doing ATCs based on different techniques. My technique is collage. If you would like to see it I have it on my account. Just search for karooch.

  3. They are gorgeous! Go you! Laughing at the “Queen of Procrastination” … I think there’s one in every home, and I have the title at my house πŸ™‚

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