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Ok, so enough of the Polar blast!

I so cannot handle being cold! I have got a couple of heaters in various rooms at the minute and I know the power bill is going to head sky high – but I need to be warm! For one thing, being cold means I pike out from sitting upstairs to do my study. And most of you know I need to get on with that! 🙂 Ok, so I should just suck it up and do it anyway, but did I tell you I HATE being cold?!!

I haven’t been too creative over the past few days so in order to add a bit of colour to the post, I’m putting up the second of my FLAB pages for the month. Ain’t she cute?

This morning the cold was enough to freeze my hands off between the classroom and my car (yes, another bad mummy bringing the car instead of walking – but did I tell you I’m a wimp when it comes to being cold??) so I gave in and headed out to buy gloves for the boys. Normally I don’t think they really need them – mostly as they seem to get lost pretty quickly! But today I thought I should really do the motherly thing and make sure they have a pair each – for a few days at least! So Mr 3 and I hit Westfield and hunted high and low. Finally we found the right sized pair in Farmers – camo ones! Instant hit!! Mr 3 and I enjoyed a coffee/fluffie and then popped the gloves up to Mr 5 during interval. He loved them – so hopefully that means he’ll keep an eye on them.

While we were at the mall, I also hunted out some goodies for the party bags. Mr 5 will not be having a party this year. I’ve called it quits on the all singing, all dancing performances after the 5th one. Instead he’s taking a few buds along to the movies. Shrek the Third. Of course! 😆 But as the loot bag seems to be a thing of the moment I thought it would be nice to get a couple of little things each to go home with. Found some awesome marbles at Nature’s discovery so hopefully they will go down well.

Oh, and remember me moaning about not finding shoes for Mr 5 the other week? Well, it looks like a few have come in. Of course I already settled on a pair of trainers from DressMart! Argh! Still, I think in winter if they can have two pairs it is good. Mr 3’s feet had a wee bit of an *air* to them the other day…. think a second pair might be a good thing at some point. 😉 The pair I liked the looks of for Mr 5 however seemed to only be the one pair in his size. Or what I think his size is likely to be there. So I’ve hidden them 😯 I know, don’t you just hate people like me!!! Hopefully they will still be at the back of the pile by the time I get back today or tomorrow!! 😆 My thinking was that the shoes were already in such a mess any way, my putting the pair in the wrong place in a dark little recess wouldn’t matter too much. We will see….. 😆

This morning we had a disco going upstairs. Too cute! The boys were mucking around on the keyboard and found a tune – “jericho” – that they thought was pretty funky. Wish I could have caught them on film – they were having a blast!

Catch you all later – stay warm 🙂


3 thoughts on “Ok, so enough of the Polar blast!

  1. lol at you hiding shoes int he store, honestly I was laughing out loud reading that. Too funny. I so hear you on the cold and I have bee wearing gloves and hate and scarf for the last two weeks. If I am warm then I cope better with the cold. Oh the marbles will be a hit as will the outing to the movies.

  2. Yes, I completely agree, I can’t function unless I’m warm, my hubby on the other seems to be able to operate in the coolest of temps.

    Good luck with the birthday outing, I suggested it to the soon to be 9 year old, but he wants to stick to a party (and it didn’t help when 6 year old pipes up and says, ‘yeah, you get a lot more presents aye!).

  3. Hiding the shoes – now that is too funny!! I think I’ve done similar things before though. And you had a very good reason – you hunted high and low for the perfect shoes, didn’t want to let them go!

    I’m wondering about an outing instead of a party next year for Ethan. I remember doing that sort of thing when I was a kid, and to be honest I think I enjoyed those birthdays more than the party ones. Easier for mum, too!! 😉

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