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We’re surviving, Thanks!

Thanks to all that wrote in support of yesterday’s post!  😆 Thankfully, I’m not the kind that suffers too much if Mr 5 is proclaiming those things loudly. It happens far too often for me to take it seriously! Usually as a result of not getting his own way. But yes, the onset of winter, the grey skies, the lurgies, and all that general run-down feeling that winter brings with it, I find myself thinking that he is probably more right than he realises. Still, I am the only mum he has and I happen to be one that yells when I need to let loose: he better just put a happy face on it and deal!! 😆

Things have gone much better today. Largely due I’m sure to the fact we are not in each other’s faces. The hubby is at work, Mr 5 at school, Mr 3 at kindy. Oh and that’s where I hung out today too! It was actually quite fun. It’s been a while since I have done the parent help thing and I quite enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong – I definitely don’t want to make a habit of hanging out there!

Today I guess with it being so cold and maybe the last week of term there would be lucky to have been 20 kids there. So it was comparatively quiet. Mr 3 got on an played with his girlfriend (yes, yet another in quite a long line!!) and a couple of mates. I got stuck into some cleaning – and must have done a good enough job as I was treated to a hot cuppa while I worked. Normally it would have been me making the drinks for the teachers so there you go!

Tonight we have the first Parent-Teacher interview for Mr 5 for the year. We know a bit of what we think she will be talking to us about. She is not having trouble with him getting distracted any more (so, at least he behaves for others!) so fingers crossed it won’t be a surprise. Some time next term he will have his 6 year old tests so more in-depth discussion will take place then too. Yes! Mr 5 will become Mr 6 in little more than a week’s time! My, where does the time go??

And if there is bad news about what 6 year old boys are like, do you wanna give me the heads up now??? Thanks! 😆


2 thoughts on “We’re surviving, Thanks!

  1. Hey, I’m glad today has been a better day. I don’t know anything about age 6 being better than age 5 … but I’m sure things will improve at your house no matter what. These stages and phases don’t last forever.

  2. Good to hear you had a better day. Had a giggle at kindy. Wow you have to clean when you are there? At school today all of the classes had kids missing due to illness and weather. Eight children in two classes. Thats a lot to have away. Oh have fun at the parent interviews tonight.

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