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Say Hello to the world’s worst mother!!

That’s what Mr 5 thinks of me. He’s thought that all day. He might actually have a point – having been yelled at for pretty much the entire day. Night time arrives and it’s eerily quiet – sort of like a truce at the battlefront!

Exactly why we are locking horns at the moment is anyone’s guess. He and I have always managed to raise the volume around here. I don’t have any patience just now – largely due to attempting to keep the lurgy at bay still, plus everyone else still has colds/flus/lurgies – and I’m feeling like I’m the only one attempting to keep some semblance of normality round the joint. That and the fact I know I should be doing stuff. So, I guess I just caved in to the inner child and have been playing his game. I know, I’m the adult. Yah-de-yah. See, I can’t even remain sane here and now! Sometimes it just feels good to blow my stack once in a while. People round here start actually behaving like they might want to keep me on side for a day or two. Yep, that’s about all the currency I get out if it. But hey, I’ll take it.

But you know – even the darn biscuits seem to be on Mr 5’s side…. the chocolate chippies all spread and seem undercooked. Even though they were in a little longer than usual. And then dinner burnt a bit. Yep, truly the world’s worst mother today!

5 thoughts on “Say Hello to the world’s worst mother!!

  1. No your not!!! You were having a bad day, it happens. If its any consolation I ranted at our next door neighbour and I doubt he will talk to me again, and you know what I don’t care. He can think I am mad lol but in fact I was angry at his comments about my husband. Anyway thats another rant. Mr 5 knows that you love him and will always know that you love him. It’s not fun being sick and trying to keep the household running smoothly. Don;t be so hard on yourself Kelly.

  2. Hey, you’re not the world’s worst mother! We all have days like that, and our kids have days where they just know how to push all the buttons and make us crack. Perhaps Mr 5 is acting like that because he’s not feeling well? I know my 5-year-old’s behaviour suffers when he’s coming down with something (or getting over something). I’m sure he will have forgotten all about it by now. You’re doing the best you can, and when you are sick things are just so much harder. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just say “that day is over, tomorrow is a new one” and then move on! ((HUGS))

  3. You are far from the worst mother Kelly….We all have our bad days and melt downs….It is always harder in Winter when the weather is dreary and people are sick! DS is 16 months old and his behaviour gets worse when he is coming down with something just like hannah’s son. We are all here for you if you want to vent!

  4. Hugs Kelly. Yep don’t be so hard on yourself, having days like that are perfectly normal I reckon. Happens here now and again too. Not feeling 100% healthy certainly doesn’t help. Hope you get better soon.

  5. Kelly – *hugs* I could have written this post as well! My day was yesterday. It wasn’t going to bad then I forgot to cook the corn beef on high and from there on it was ruined. I was yelling. Fed up, man! So I know where you are at. I hate the days like that but like you said it seems as if everyone falls in line for a couple of days. Same here. For the most part mine listen but little things are getting to me; like chewing with their mouths open or talking back. Things I can only take so much of. So, no you aren’t not the worst mother in the world and as you can see, all of us have gone through it! Hang in there 😉

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