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Sneaky Peek Tuesday

So it’s Tuesday and this morning I said good bye to the next in the circle journal cycle. This round I had a “Blue Day Book” – what sort of things make you happy when you’re down.

Talk about good timing just now hey! Just let me say a very quick, very sincere thank you for all the messages of support that have been sent. It is truly appreciated. Grandad is so far doing OK – and I’m still working out the whens and hows of getting down there.

In the meantime, I realised Sunday night that this CJ round was meant to be ready for send off the next morning….. and I wasn’t quite there yet. So I kept it for an extra day and managed to get it finished. I think I liked the result! I ended up using papers out of my stash that I liked at the time but never knew what to do with it. So I’ve ended up cutting out the cute little butterfly, and some of the pink flowers…. and a little bit of doodling here and there. Plus some bling. In the end a happy result.

I also got good news in the form of a returned assignment with 86%. Woooohoooo!! I was late getting it in – and had struggled a bit with whether I had found the correct informtion. By and large, I would say I did!

So while I’m checking out what I need to catch up on, I see I have a couple of envelopes that I need to get in the post. ATC swaps, a pin swap (yikes! I thought I’d posted them 😳 ) and I need to get to work on the June FLAB page due this Friday. A BOM page to complete (based on Ngaire’s *Beautiful* theme…. yikes! I haven’t missed one yet so want to get this done…..) Plus, I have a mission to scrap a photo of some good friends – taken just a couple of weeks ago. I have the papers, I have the sketch in my mind’s eye….  Oh yes, another study assignment to complete too.

It’s good to have things to occupy *down* time.

8 thoughts on “Sneaky Peek Tuesday

  1. Kelly, I love your sneak peak!! Can’t wait to get that CJ, I have just the right photos and idea in mind….

    Big hugs to you and your granddad and family…I so hope that you can get down there soon….Sending lots of warm thoughts and prayers your way.

  2. How cute is that butterfly?? Gorgeous sneak peek.

    Congrats on that awesome mark – 86% is DA BOMB! Well done to you!

    I’ve been thinking of you lots this week, so more big ((Hugs)) from me to you, I hope you’ll be able to visit your Grandad soon. Keep us posted on his progress, won’t you?

  3. Wow, Kelly, how do you keep your head from falling off lol???? My goodness! Just when I think I have had about enough, you seem to have WAY more on your plate than I do! But then I guess it all depends on how well you do at juggling it all lol. I’m not very good so I keep a limited number of things on my plate! I hope you can get to see your granddad soon. And yay on the good marks on your assignment!

  4. love the sneak peak you have there. Whoo hoo thats awesome about your mark. Do you get a break like I do with the different semesters? Hope you are able to get to see your grandad soon.

  5. Glad to hear that your Granddad’s doing OK now Kelly. And contgratulations on a great result. 86%…not too shabby at all. Well done.

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