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Mosaic Challenge

Mosaic Challenge

A quick card that I did for the ink-stains weekly challenge and mingle this week. A great wasy to use up some scraps. I really love these Daisy Ds papers too so I  might have to go get some more to hoard in my stash.

I’ve had the most frustrating last hour or so. After swimming I thought I’d take the Mr’s to the nearby mall – for afternoon tea and a little look see at shoes for Mr 5. Thankfully the pair that he wears most often at the moment will last a little longer – because to hunt out a pair of reasonably priced boys shoes seems to be Mission Impossible. I don’t think even Tom Cruise could win in the end of this mission! Look, for all  you girls out there with girls of your own – Man I envy you. The choice you have in EVERYTHING! It’s downright depressing sometimes.

 The first place we hit was Farmers. Normally there is a small – very small – selection. This winter, it seems if I want boy shoes for under $40 but still of reasonable quality, I get the choice of …… one style. Woohooo. Big whoopy-de-do! Turn around to the shelves behind me…. to the girls shoes. Oh Gee. First I have to decide if I want black shoes or coloured shoes. If I want black, would I want Mary-Janes, T-bars. Once I decide that, do I want plain embroidered, a little bit of sparkle, punched design, flower, stars or swirls, buckle or velcro. And that is just in the black shoes!!!

Cover your ears while I shout the following:

MUMS/DADS OF BOYS LIKE TO HAVE CHOICE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also tried the warehouse, hannahs, Bays, Banks.  The first two had NOTHING. The second two had a little bit of choice. As long as I was willing to pay beyond $60.

Lucky for me I had warned Mr 5 that we were on a surveillance mission only as we came home empty handed. Unless he was prepared to wear some girl shoes. Nuh – definitely not an option!


5 thoughts on “Mosaic Challenge

  1. you know I was thinking don’t tell me she bought him some girls shoes lol. Isn’t it odd that clothes and shoes are aimed more at girls.

  2. I totally understand!! We have very little choice out there as mothers of boys. Be it clothes, shoes, toys, the list goes on and on. Girls are catered to amazingly well, but boys suffer. Of course it doesn’t help that my boys are likely to HATE the *one* style of shoe that is available in their size at any given shop. SIGH.

  3. Oh Hannah … loved your comment – Of course it doesn’t help that my boys are likely to HATE the *one* style of shoe that is available in their size at any given shop.

    Well I’ve only got one DS and he is like that as well … but guess what … it gets worse … his feet are now bigger than mine and he still hates shoe shopping with a passion …

    When DD was smaller, there was always plenty of choice, sometimes far too many choices – lol.

    Sometimes, you just can’t win.

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