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Happy little things

Janine has a post today about the little things in life. And it must be the mood I am in today, cos I was thinking similar happy thoughts! So, what am I happy about today?

  • The boys slept til 7am this morning!!!
  • The sun is shining. Love pulling open the curtains to greet a sunny day.
  • My washing machine is going to get fixed today. (the start button has been on strike!)

Onwards and upwards today – I’m going to get a bunch of stuff done – I AM!!

But to share a bit of joy around I feel like finding out what is making you happy today….. so I’m going to be a pain and tag a couple of people!! Mwaahaaha! So tell me Christi, Mrs Frizz, Mary-Beth, Karen and Donna….. what’s putting a smile on your dial??


6 thoughts on “Happy little things

  1. It’s neat that both you and Janine were having these happy thoughts today! I made my list on Janine’s blog. I’m usually happy about the little things, I guess because they happen so often while the big things don’t!

    Have a great day!

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