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And back into the week with a not quite Monday…

I can’t help shake the feeling that all is not right. And all it is is that today is not Monday! Queen’s Birthday often gets me like that. This year it’s probably got something to do with a lovely relaxing weekend and waking up with a jolt that is our Tuesdays.

And while we’re at sorting things out….. can anyone tell me why although June 1 might be the official start of winter, actual winter weather needs to coincide?? What a shock to the system! πŸ˜† But we managed to get out and about. Sunday we went for a leisurely family “bush walk” through Barton’s Bush. We took the track to the river bank and threw stones into the river. Something very fun about the “splosh” you can make! Mr 5 is impressed with his Dad’s skimming ability. The walk was finished with a good play at the playground and lunch at home. Omelettes, oven fries and cheerios. Yum! Can you tell I needed to get groceries? πŸ˜†

Yesterday we went for a drive. It was a bit gloomy round our parts so Hubby thought a drive to the coast might find us some sunshine that the weatherman said we should be having. Yeah right!Β  We ended up at Titahi Bay – a beach that neither of us has been to for yeeears. Again we enjoyed the “brisk” fresh air. Until we got downwind of the top half of a shark that had been washed up on the beach. Yes, that’s right. Half a shark. Niiiiiice….. not!

We popped into one of those family restaurants for lunch then continued our round about way home. We took the very long scenic route which allowed us to pop up to Newlands and revisit the subdivision where hubby and I built our first house. MAN! That place has just exploded!! Woodridge now has been joined up (finally) and has its own bus stops (finally!). The houses are getting larger, but the sections not quite so fast. The style has changed since we built there 1o or 11 years ago. I’m glad to see a move away from everything having that spray on plaster. There were some nice new designs there – and we still know a few of the old neighbours that have moved into the newer sections of the subdivision. Still, I couldn’t help feel hemmed in. Modern living eh?! I guess our dream is the massive house all on one level of a huge flat section, maybe near some water. In Wellington??! We’ll be looking for a while!!!

Then last night I finished a circle journal that I had to have out by today. I found this one pretty hard. Only because it was a “Self Portrait” topic – having to describe how I saw myself – rather than how others might view me. I’m probably harder on myself than others are, so to begin with it was quite critical. I think in the end it was a good balance of the good and the ugly!

As for the study….. yup. Gotta play catch up today. No House or Boston Legal for me tonight.


4 thoughts on “And back into the week with a not quite Monday…

  1. Certainly sounds as though winter has hit down there!! We’ve been lucky, it hasn’t been too bad up here. Friday was just gorgeous, and although it rained on Saturday it hasn’t been all that cold. We still managed to get outside with the kids everyday.

    Enjoy your day of study!

  2. lol at needing to get groceries, it sounded like our house. No T.V. for me tonight either. I ahve one week of assignments left and thats it I get a four week break whoo hoooooo. ewww at smelly shark smells lol. I have friends in the new part fo Newlands and yes the bus is very regular up that way. You should have called in.

  3. We’ve got our Queen’s Birthday Weekend this coming weekend in Oz. Let’s face it, it has nothing to do with her birthday…which is in April anyway.
    Glad you enjoyed yours and amanged to deal with not working on Monday. Hope to have as relaxing one myself.

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