Happy Long Weekend!

And how is your Queen’s Birthday weekend going? Swimmingly we hope!

We didn’t have too many plans to while away our time. A good thing as it means Hubby gets on with some much needed TLC around the house, I get on with some study, the boys get to hang out with some buddies in the street – and I fit in some scrapping. OK, so my scrapping:study ratio is still a little wonky on the wrong side…. but hey – I had fun!! And tomorrow is another day…. 😆

So a little something I’m quite excited about: after looking and looking and meaning and meaning to get a NZ Dares challenge done – I have! The scan has knocked off some of the outside edges – so use your imagination and add a little more red cardstock and you’ll get the overall effect a little more!

The challenge this fortnight is to do a layout with multiple photos. And if doing a double layout, you couldn’t just spread a couple over the 2 pages. Noooooo…. there had to be at least 6 on each page.

Well, ‘cos I take so many pics and then wonder what on earth I’m going to do with them, this challenge looked like the one for me. Thanks to Trina who provided me with the inspiration on the type of page I could do. The red cardstock wasn’t meant to be a straight CASE…. it just so happens it was the only colour cardstock that I had two of! 😆

NZDares2Jun pg1

NZDares2Jun pg2

Ok – so if I can have a go, and if you haven’t already, you should! Just imagine how many of those unscrapped pics you can get through!! I have plans to do a few more of these multiple pages!! 😆


7 thoughts on “Happy Long Weekend!

  1. Wow, its great! I love it, and am so so thrilled and humbled that you found inspiration from something I did. Isn’t it the BEST feeling to get so many photos scrapped and ‘done’. AWESOME take on this fortnights dare! Go you!

  2. Hi Kelly. Saw your comment on SE, checked your blog, and figured it was you. Sorry I havent been in contact, but would love to catch up. Flick me an email. Great blog tho 🙂

  3. Go you on using so many photos, great job and that red and blue compliment each other!! Good way to use up those photos!!

  4. Love that double spread using all those photos Kelly. You’ve done a great job in making a really pleaseing design and not letting it get too cluttered. And the colourscheme looks terrific too.

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