Cross country time

On Thursday Mr 5’s school held their cross country afternoon. The kids had been practising their running over the course for a few weeks and there was definitely a buzz around the place come the day.

getting ready

Mr 5 found the concept of pacing himself quite difficult – he likes speed! Still, he did quite well – finishing mid field in his age group. I forgot my camera though – silly mum!! Thankfully a friend had theirs and with a big zoom you can catch the cool warm-up antics too!

Last night I finished some pins I’m doing for a couple of pin swaps. I’m quite pleased with them: home made chipboard shapes, lots of orange paint, plus some handstitching too. These were basically for those of us that wanted a piece of the swap action but weren’t getting to go to SENZ (held in Auckland over the weekend). I had some fun doing them – maybe I’ll have to find an event to make some more for!!

Swap pins





3 thoughts on “Cross country time

  1. Oh, that brings back memories of my school days and running cross-country! I’m not sure if Ethan’s school does it or not, but I’m definitely looking forward to athletics days. You must be proud of your little man!

    Those pins look great – lots of hard work gone into them with all that hand-stitching! Good job 🙂

  2. small kids are so cute when they run, then you get the few that are to tired to run and have to walk. He loked like he was having a ball. Oh nice pins Kel.

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