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Sharing the FLAB

Yeah – if only!

Karen has collated all our first FLAB (Fat Little Art Books) for May.

I think the concept of shoes threw me: I used to be Imelda Marcos but am recovering from that addiction. As a result I found it quite hard to channel the spirit of my shoes!

I’m looking forward to getting my swap pages back because it looks like the others found the concept a little easier! 😆

Go take a look and definitely give it a whirl – it’s a wee change from those that sawp ATCs but I think quite fun.


3 thoughts on “Sharing the FLAB

  1. Yay … thanks for that! Hoping to be able to set up a gallery or a flickr group so we can add individual pages … but just not happening today 😉
    New topic up at artbooks 🙂

  2. LOL at the acronym … hehehe!
    I haven’t signed up yet but I intend to … just need to get settled into my new working-from-home routine before putting my hand up for extra things! But the art cards look fab (from what I’ve seen on Karen’s blog).

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