I so should be doing something

different right now!

I’m sitting at the desk – in the sun. I’ve done some reading towards the latest in the course work. But it is soooooo nice outside.

So I hung some washing out. Tried to see if Hubby was available to meet for lunch. Picked up Mr 3. Came home to continue to work on the assignment. Got distracted. That should be no big surprise!

A neighbour who has been in hospital since Sunday came home today. I’m so pleased she is doing better. Unfortunately it looks like she won’t be up to being Mr 5’s standin grandma in a couple of weeks though. The school is having a grandparents day and Mr 5 has an Oma in a home thanks to a massive stroke and a Nana and Pop in Christchurch….. so no biological grands for him. But Ollie is just like a grandma to the boys, and she was delighted to be asked. Winter has taken its toll on her though. I’ll have to break the news to him at some point – not looking forward to that! Afterall, life is ALL about him and that is that! 😆

Mr 3 is currently napping and in about an hour we’ll be heading off to big brother’s assembly. Maybe we’ll walk and get some fresh air. Love a sunny day! 😆


4 thoughts on “I so should be doing something

  1. Hopefully Ollie gets better soon … I’m sure that she will be disappointed to miss out on being the boys honorary grandma at school as well.

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