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It’s not just about me

Well – most of the time it might be, but occasionaly I’ll share! Mr 5 has been doing a Kids Crop class once a fortnight after school this term. He likes to be crafty just like his mum. Mum doesn’t like to share her stuff though! πŸ˜†
Anyway, I thought I’d share the layout that he did at yesterday’s class.

IΒ Like

It’s not quite as easy going as I thought it might be. Mainly due to Mr 5’s enthusiasm. Apparently all things in life must be a race. I pre-cut the photos to size before the class and had a devil of a time trying to convince him that he actually needed to measure the paper before cutting.Β  I also couldn’t handle the slap-dash approach – as in slap it down any old where and keep slapping til it’s stuck. I think his work should look a little like the class example. πŸ˜‰ With a little uplifting and retrying, we got the main part of the layout done. The punched accents are all him as are the subjects of each photo.

Add into the mix Mr 3. While he is actually quite well behaved, watching a video most of the time we are there, he also likes to help. Yesterday it was finding out he could get himself a glass of water out of the cooler. And bring it to the class tables. He did quite well actually – didn’t spill a drop. But man you should have seen teh grown-ups jump at the thought of water over the work!! πŸ˜†

Mr 5 Likes: dogs, swimming, spiderman, his bike, his dad, crafting, Rusty & Puppy, and cars.


9 thoughts on “It’s not just about me

  1. Great job on your layout! What a fun project to do with your little ones. I haven’t scrapped in a while but I miss it.

  2. Thanks for the visit and the comments…I responded to you comment on my blog! Have a great evening! Hope to read more of your entries soon!

  3. Looks great master “5” awesome effort. Lots of cool things there that he likes. When my nephew stayed with me and we made things I found the hardest thing was letting him do it his way. :-).

  4. Looks like you are going to have to share a few of your scrapping supplies with Master 5 … awesome work.

  5. But Mr 5’s layout is pretty darn impressive after all that. Watch out Mum he’ll be taking over your scrap room.

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