Tuesday Tuesday

Tuesdays are for some reason a hump day around here.  Don’t know why.  We are usually pretty busy and I’m having to remember where we all need to be.  Maybe that is it.

Mr 5 has his kids crop class after school today.  It’s an “I like” page.  i’m bummed because I had a photo of him busy concentrating on something crafty and he thought that would be good to include. But now I can’t find where I have it.  There’s a sneaking suspicion that I might have deleted it …..doh!  Still there are a good few to pick from: dogs, spidey, bike, Puppy & Rusty, Dad…… Yes Dad! He wants to include a picture of Dad.  What about mum????  Nah, you just take me there.  Just as well I think it’s cool that he likes his dad!

Mr 3 has his weekly swimming lessons at noon.  I dread them I have to admit – I still need to get into the pool with him.  I know that I shouldn’t wish the time away – but I really am looking forward to the time he has the lessons on his own.  Hopefully next term will be kindy grade….. hoping, hoping!

Then there is the usual Tuesday scenario: housework in the morning (well…..) lunch on the run between swimming and kindy drop-off, study during kindy, pick-ups, the crop, dinner… To achieve all this, I need to have all the bags packed in advance, know where I need to be – and heaven help me – don’t add anything too unexpected into the mix.  Please!

From 11.30 on I’m on the move.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tuesday

  1. I agree with Hannha Breathe!!! I have to say thats one heavy agenda for a Tuesday. Roll on next term then 🙂

  2. Hopefully you got through Tuesday OK Kelly and Wednesday will be better. I have to admit I used to struggle with swimming classes when Seona was little too.

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