Sneaky Peek time

Mrs Frizz’s CJ

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I’m feeling a bit under the weather – again! Don’t you just love winter ails???!

So what’s wrong this time? Scratchy throat, cotton wool head….. yup: cold time. Went down to the pharmacy this morning and got me some drugs – the codral variety. I’m afraid I’m a wuss and drugs are my friend! I love how I can pop the night and days and generally cope. Note, I did not say “on top of the world”. No, I cope. And only just! And to be on the safe side – lucky I had my drivers licence on me. They take the details – in case I like these pills far too much I guess.

So while I’m feeling sorry for myself, I have managed to get one of my deadline items out of the way. Mrs Frizz clearly loves desserts as much as I do and her Circle Journal made me stack on some winter kilos just by looking. I sincerely hope that everyone else that is doing her journal suffers in the same way! It is now ready to leave the house come morning – if I remember to ring the couriers first thing….

PS – you might notice that I don’t have a picture of the dessert – mainly because I have yet to make one this winter. Because when I do – that will be that and it will become far to frequent a guest. Serious comfort food!

PPS – I got a bunch of tips about movies that I should be watching. I have to say – I have watched more than what that list allowed us to pick from – but apparently there is a whole lot more for me to find out about. That’s a good thing…. thank you people – I always knew I had no life anyways!!! 😆

PPPS – just because I like typing ‘P’s! No, seriously! I have been slack at returning your comments – know it’s not cos I’m not interested – just cos I’m slack. I will get back – at some point…. 😉

PPPPS – haha!!! That orange paint I bought in one of “those” moments – sure has come in handy…. I’m liking orange paint too Karen!


3 thoughts on “Sneaky Peek time

  1. sneak peak looks good. I love comfort food in winter, all be it too much. The organe looks great. Hope you feel better soon

  2. Love the sneak peek … I’m excited about getting Mrs Frizz’s CJ because I LOVE desserts too!! I’m hoping to “steal” some of the recipes from it after I do my own page and send it on … is that sneaky or what?!?!
    Sorry you have a cold, Kelly. I’ve got a sinus infection so totally know how you’re feeling!! Drugs help you “cope” but nothing more, for sure!!

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