Birthday RAKs

Birthday cards

Originally uploaded by ScrappyDo.

I like my postie!!

Well, I did today. And who can blame me? Look at all the cool goodies he brought to me from all sorts of lovely people. There were a bunch of handmade cards – thanks to a whole lot of great ladies over at NZCardmakers. And some lovely RAKs from a couple of girls at the SE Forum: Tanya and Nikki. Take a look at the pins in the bottom right – Tanya MAKES those! How cool is that?! And just to top it off – a couple of lovely items from 2 card making friends. Donna made me a gorgeous tool tote too – just realised I didn’t put that in the pic. Sorry Donna!! I can put all sorts of bottles in it – Prima or coke or maybe even Montieths Original!!


3 thoughts on “Birthday RAKs

  1. lots of lovley cards there Kelly. I love it when a birthday gets to be extended into a week.

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