A few items from the ScrapCamp

I’m not going to add them all cos basically you don’t want to be bored, right?! But here is a few…. and I’ll add a couple more when I get some time.
First up is this cool Spidey page. Thanks to Sandra for the template…. isn’t it way cool?!

Tea or Coffee

The Tea or Coffee is a layout for my BOM album. And believe it or not, it wasn’t a challenge. So getting a few pages going there. Gotta love that.

Reading star

There seemed to be an emerging trend of circles using the Creative memories circle cutter. I didn’t have any photos that seemed to tell me they wanted circles but as I had the title in mind for this one, and I discovered somebody had brought their star tool, this was my take on that theme!

Lots of fiddly cutting also seemed to be a trend and I gave that a go too. Loved the way it came out. Will definitely be giving that a go more often. In fact, I bought some cool papers just so I could! 😆


13 thoughts on “A few items from the ScrapCamp

  1. Love the spidey template, I found I had to create two of these faces at the school gala a few weeks back. I am like you with tea and coffee. depends who I am with etc. Love the stars.

  2. OMG Ethan would love that Spidey page and would want me to do one for him! He had a Spiderman party for his 4th birthday.
    Love the tea & coffee page, well done getting some BOM pages scrapped! I have the BEST intentions but never get around to doing anything about them! I think my problem is I have 100’s of photos of the kids but for BOM pages I would have to either take special photos or get them printed, so I just put it off!

  3. Love the spiderman page – what a cool template to use …

    And a BOM page without a challenge in sight – well done YOU!

  4. I do like those stars Kelly. They look really great. Did you cut them freehand or did you have a special cutter?

  5. Did you get all of these done at scrap camp? Wow, that’s pretty impressive! I never get things done besides talking 😉 It’s probably the only other time I’m around other women and feel I can let my inhibitions go lol. Yay you for achieving so much 😉

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO I found your blog glad to see everyone loves spidey and I am glad you enjoyed doing it. (One little thing I am Sandra not Shona LOL) pleased I met you at camp and can’t wait to go to another

  7. I love your tea or coffee page! There are so many “I love starbucks” pages out there but YOUR page is so different from the norm that it is wonderful!!! You did a marvelous job with it!!!

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