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I’m Baaaaaack!

Whew!  Anyone miss me??  nah, didn’t think so 😆

Well, I’m back – tired, relaxed, on a high, knackered….. all of the above!  Scrapcamp was great.  In this outdoorsy place in the middle of nowhere called Pohangina. Met some AMAZING scrappers whose work was just fantastic.  Super Fantastic.  It was crazy inspiration!

I got a few pages done, some that I was very pleased with – others that annoyed the * out of me for not working the way I wanted them to  😆 Still, they got done and I came away with a bunch of neat pages. Mr 5 loves the Spidey page I did…. wants to put it in his own album.  Do your own work, son!

Thank you for all the comments and messages left in my absence – I may not get around to replying to them all individually – but I have read them all.  I now need to go spend some time with Mr 3 – and maybe get some other *normal* work done.  Plus some study (there was no bedtime reading done…… collapsing in my bunk around 1am each night is not so conducive to bedtime reading!! 😆 )

Got home yesterday to two gorgeous handmade cards the boys had made at school / pre-school for Mothers Day.  We don’t do mothers day so much here – my birthday is in and around the date and I would so rather have that acknowledged 😆 I’ve heard whispers about cake for dessert tonight…. I’m curious as to whether I supply my own cake for the occasion….. will have to wait and see won’t I?!

Will share a few pics as time allows….

The other truly amazing thing I discovered while I was away…… I’m a rugby genius!!  hahaha!!! I forgot to make my Super 14 semi picks before I left.  Just as well as the picks I would have made would have got me NOWHERE! Instead the random picks were put in for me – and I got maximum points!!!!! See….. Genius!!! 😆

Right…. normal transmission resuming…..


4 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaack!

  1. Yay, welcome back, Kelly! I wondered why there weren’t any updates lol. And happy birthday too! Hopefully cake will be supplied 😉

  2. Welcome back! I don’t know WHAT is up though because I didn’t get this update on bloglines, and I didn’t get any of your other ones while I was away, either. Very annoying!!
    Happy Birthday for today and I’m so glad you had fun at your scrap camp.

    Way to go on the Super 14 picks – I noticed that you were the only one of my “mates” who got 16 points, and then I wondered why you hadn’t back the Crusaders!!! ROFL! Now I know why 😉 Isn’t it crazy that you did better with random picks than anybody else … 😉

  3. Hey Kelly

    Welcome back and Happy Birthday. I also wondered if you had backed canty lol. Well done on getting maximum points. Enjoy the “birthday cake” tonight.

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