Balance – and where to find it.

There.  Bet you are all reading this now thinking I’ve found the answer.

Nope – sorry!  Just something I was thinking about as I’m getting ready to go on Thursday.  It popped into my inbox thanks to Ali’s newsletter, then I saw Janine posting  about how she wants to get a bit more of the stuff.  Maybe it’s that time of year when we all begin to take stock of how we’re getting on.

I left this comment on Janine’s post – and then realised I had more thoughts bouncing around!

[Balance. That mystical *holy grail* of life. I know I feel all out of whack when things get busy. I’m either not doing what I want to because I’m doing things I need to – or vice versa. It’s hard on any given day to look back and say yep – it all evened out today. Sometimes, just by keeping in mind the things I want to *make time* to do, getting a little bit done here and there….. then looking back over the week or the month….. Well, sometimes that can help. It’s the old heads-down-bum-up approach – but not with blinkers! When I make sure to look around while I am busy, at the end of the week or whenever, exact balance might not have been achieved. But it is there in some form.]

I know as a full-time mum, I need some space for me.  I get grumpy, horrible to be around and frankly, a B to live with when all I seem to do is take care of the rest of the household.  I’m pretty selfish about having a slice of everyday for me. Somedays, that might be literally the first 3 minutes I’m awake before my feet hit the floor.  Other days, it means the kids are in front of the TV while I’m doing something for me. Or putting on a CD that I like while getting dinner ready.  It’s not always easy to make time to do the things you really want to be doing.  I think if I had the chance I’d probably spend most of my day catching up with you lot on the ‘puta, scrapping, reading books, doing fun stuff with the kids.  None of the every day, mundane stuff!!  But life ain’t like that for me and mine.  We’re all doing quite a bit of the stuff we have to – and the what we want to do time can be elusive.  So I guess my answer for finding a bit of balance in teh every day is not trying to cram in all the things I want to be doing into the only 24 hours I have to fit in the things I NEED to be doing.  I guess I try to put something in alongside what I need to do that will help make me happier at that time.

Yeah I know – I’m rambling and blithering.  Probably because I’m thinking as I write about the stuff I need to get done today! 😆 So, it’s time for me to go and take a bit of my own advice that I’ve been handing out lately.

*Taking a big breath* ………..and getting on with my day.

6 thoughts on “Balance – and where to find it.

  1. I find if you can focus on just the big things, the little things (which usually take up more time anyway) just seem to fit in or disappear. But it’s easier to say than to do.

  2. I had another bath last night. I watched a dvd. I feel almost like a new person. Sometimes I think we get so bogged down my routine and life that before we know it we realise we need balance. I don’t have children and find I still need space for me so I can be happy. If I am happy the rest of the world is all good.

  3. I think it’s a good idea to set aside *some time for me* each day. Sometimes it’s half an hour for a run. Some days it might be meeting a friend for a chat. Or a phone call if I can’t *get* somewhere to meet … and if I schedule it into my day – like Karen says … focus on the *big things* – the rest of the day seems to hum along.

  4. I’m very much the same as you, Kelly. I NEED my “me time” and although I don’t always do a great job at getting it, at least I try. And I realised a long time ago that it is essential for me. I’m not a good mummy if I don’t have it, and I’m not a good wife either! Sometimes it is only a few minutes like you say, but at least it helps with the “balance” thing 😉

  5. My word for this year, is in actual fact two words … ‘take time’. So that covers the ‘take time’ for me – some of the time … instead of taking the time to do everything for everyone else. So I know exactly where you are coming from.

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