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The night before

Well, I managed to get a few page kits organised and put together.  Well kind of.  I like to work with loose frameworks on these things!  😆
As for the rest of it – well it just seemed easier to pack the whole lot up.  Just as well my stash is quite small compared to some.  I’m quite amazed at how my collection of papers that spans several pizza boxes does in fact fit into one Paper Taker.  Just.  But it fits and that means I won’t be left thinking – *if only I’d brought…..*  The stamps are named, the inks all packed up. Need to remember to pack the tools, the glues, the embellishments.  There is also a box for the fines.  Apparently these can be handed out quite liberally – but then those who are awarded brownie points get to choose from the growing collection.  Hmmmm which side to be on??!!  😆

Oh yes – and the baking!!  I still need to actually do it – but that was planned for tomorrow anyway.  I’ve decided on my trusty spiced loaf – with added apricots for good measure.  And a new favourite – Sophie Grey’s chocolate brownie.  Just need to ensure the hubby doesn’t eat all the chocolate before it is baked in!

And I didn’t mention the study that still needs to be done.  If there is room, I might have to take a few pages with me.  Bedtime reading  and all that.  I have been a good girl though and did some yesterday.  I’ll probably get an hour to do a bit tomorrow.  Yes, in amongst the last minute housework, packing, baking, kiddy drop offs, swimming lessons……

Do you know – I think I might be superwoman after all!!  No hang on a tick.  I’m just so very good at procrastinating.  Very, very good at it!

And on that note – it’s off to bed with me.  I’m hoping to manage a few *future* posts but will have to see if time allows.  Be good – and catch you again on Monday!


3 thoughts on “The night before

  1. Have a great time away. Sounds like you are getting very organised. Ugh study for bed time reading!!……

  2. You have a wonderful time at your scrap camp Kelly… I love the idea of the fines and brownie points…that’s brilliant! have to get that going at our next retreat!… :O)

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