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You know when RL interupts when….

You get too busy to come play on the things you wanna be playing with.

Yup, that’s what has been happening around these parts the last few days.  Real Life has managed to supercede all the fun things I had planned for the weekend.  I think the coin should have dropped come Friday night whilst watching the Crusaders get beaten by the Chiefs.  I know.  How DID that happen?? Oh well- a bit of a scare going into the semis I’m sure will be enough to wake the lads up.

We had an enjoyable visit from the elderly aunt.  The boys were treated to a toy each and  I don’t think either has been out of reach since Saturday morning.  There was a bit of a scare when Spiderman’s head was temporarily removed from the body at the airport.  Thank goodness for mummy eyes though – the head was soon spotted among the self check-in counters.  We waited and watched the airplanes coming and going from the big windows.  Such a fun view for little guys!

Sunday I seemed to be coming down with something – all chilly and sleepy like.  Thankfully the weather was such that it seemed to coincide with all of us hunkering down for a bit and Sunday passed in that dull-Sunday kind of way.  Very low-key but nice nonetheless.

Come Monday – and Yikes!!  The washing, the dishes, the organisation for me going away!  yes, Hubby kindly agreed to me going away to a scrap camp for 3 days!!  Yippppeeeeee!!!!  Was that loud enough??  😆 I am so excited.  Then I realised – OK – I better get prepared for this!  Ok – so most people going to this sort of thing were probably prepared ages ago.  I’m not those people.  K? I semi prepared earlier…. I have actually thought of the layouts that I could do.

Just need to organise the pics – now done.  The papers.  The embellishments. The baking. The tools.  The baking. My sleeping bag and gear. The baking. The remainder of the scrap stuff. The baking.  Oh yeah – and the stuff that needs to be organised so it gets done in my absence.  You know – the real life stuff that goes along whether I’m here or not.

So add to the above list – laundry, lists (of who needs to be where, when)  contact numbers, thoughts for food….. yeah – that stuff.  If I can get this done to a good enough degree – it means we ALL enjoy my break. { Must remember to let the boys know where there is a spare set of keys…… we don’t want the locksmiths called again..}  😆

One thing I might need to do is take my “Life Temperature”.  It’s probably about time!


4 thoughts on “You know when RL interupts when….

  1. lol forget the life temp what about your blood pressure 🙂
    I see you have your priorities sorted 😉 such as the baking.
    My boys may have not made it to the semis, but victory on saturday never tasted sweeter 🙂 ole ole ole ole oel!!

  2. Hope you had a good time, Kelly! I guess your next 2 posts will tell me!

    Oh, and those Spiderman heads are a pain – but we find the legs and arms come off even more easily!!

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