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Crafting in the dark.

Nighttime in Wellington, black & white.

Originally uploaded by gak.
Firstly – let me acknowledge that this pic is not mine. I wish it was – but no. I have popped it on my blog for illustrative purposes.

It’s cool because it is a shot of Wellington at night. I saw a similar view if I looked outside our windows last night. Now in your head, turn all of those lights out. You getting black on black?

That’s how it went in my house last night. Half way into “House” and while I was winning on a resist technique I’ve been practising, everything went black. And very, very quiet.

Turns out a lightening bolt struck a substation or some such and took out the entire neighbourhood. Wow! It wasn’t even raining at the time but there you go. Lightening bolt hits, you lose your lights.

It’s quite hard to craft in the dark. I found our torch and managed to finish the piece I was working on by torchlight before it dried and I lost the effect completely. Looking at it this morning, I can see I got the technique right. Will probably have to give it another go – in some light – before I use it on a card.

Still don’t know how it turned out on House either.


6 thoughts on “Crafting in the dark.

  1. you are a dedicated scrapper Kel. Love the photo and go you on completing that project. The lights went out in our place when we went to bed šŸ™‚

  2. I couldn’t actually make out what the picture was, at first! But once I knew, I thought “pretty cool shot” … bummer about having a power cut – I hate them!

  3. How dedicated you are !! šŸ˜†
    What happened in House … no one died šŸ˜‰ and there was a very-very-long tapeworm in the girl. B12 deficiency. as well as the no-pain thing …

  4. I’m sure it is quite hard to craft in the dark. Now didn’t I read somewhere about one of your quirks/habits something about ‘determined’ … lol!

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