A visit from family

Tomorrow at some point we have hubby’s elderly aunt arriving. That means yesterday and today I am in housework mode in anticipation of her arrival. Well, somewhat. She is currently living in warmer climes in Australia and has come back to NZ to spread the ashes of her husband.

I don’t know her that well at all – I think I’ve met her maybe once or twice. The details of her stay with us are a bit sketchy as the extended family only contacted us a few days ago. I know though that hubby’s mother (currently in a care facility) will enjoy the visit. How to get her there and back throughout the days will be interesting. I believe my taxi skills will be called upon – she is apparently world famous within the family for being the worst driver ever.

I might be able to pick up some family stories from her. She is the sister of hubby’s father – and might have some interesting tales of life in Holland back in the day. Will be good for the family albums.


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