7 More things….

I’m not going to tag any one – it’s getting so hard to find people that haven’t had a go with this one!  But Mary-Beth tagged me so I thought I’d play nice!  If you haven’t come across her blog before – go and have a look.  She makes some beautiful cards.

  1. I can be very stubborn – although I prefer to think of it as *Determined* 😆
  2. I failed every paper but one in my first year of uni.  Mainly because I was doing papers not of my real choice in order to mark time as the uni had limits on numbers in the accounting courses at the time.  So in the end, I took 5 years to complete my degree.  Just as well really, it was only in those last 2 years I think I started to become comfortable with who I was.
  3.  I love – LOVE – Harry Potter books and cannot wait until the next one comes out soon.
  4. I have a scar across one of my fingers where I needed 6 stitches.  This would be after using a teeny-tiny swiss army blade to cut through some plastic.  I was impatient – and those teeny-tiny blades are still lethal!!
  5. I would love to never have to see winter again.  OK, I do like the cosiness of being inside nice and warm – but I hate wind, rain, and most of all being cold.
  6. I often forget to remove my foot from my mouth when speaking.
  7. I can’t think of another number 7 so you can make something up! 😆

Have you popped on over to Ali Edwards’ blog recently? She is writing about taking your life temperature.  Something I should probably think about at some point….. I so have to make a list of stuff I need to get done this week.  I probably have signed up for a bit much during May – but hey, what’s new??!

And seeing as today is Monday – always a hard day to begin the week with anyway!  😆 I was thinking about what was making me *happy* today. Maybe the fact that in a couple of weekends I’m heading out for a 3-day scrap camp!  Oh yes! Thank you hubby!! Happy – tinged with nervousness – I only know one person attending this camp……  yikes!!

4 thoughts on “7 More things….

  1. You are very game, doing another 7 things for another tag! I think I’ve been tagged 4 times and I was not about to come up with a total of 28 things!! LOL 😉

    I don’t like winter, either. I LOVE summer!

  2. Must be hard to talk with your foot in your mouth lol(joke) You will be fine at Scracamp. Kris will look after you and introduce you to loads of people, so just enjoy. I too am determined. 😉

  3. I’ve never been to scrap camp … don’t know what that’s like – but you could always stand up and say …

    Hello, I’m Kelly and I’m addicted to … scrap booking … that will get them going … lol.
    I’m sure that it will be a blast, have fun.

  4. Thank you Kelly!!! :o)

    My foot seems to be permanently planted in my mouth and I’m with you on winter.
    Thanks for being a great sport!

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