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Exploding Box and other creations

It is my mum’s birthday next week so I thought I’d better get a move on and come up with something. After a bit of thinking, I decided on an Exploding Box. Now that sounds like fun does it not? A friend had made one for her mother for christmas. She left that one blank to allow her mum to put in pics of all of her grandkids. I was tempted to do that as well, but as my mum doesn’t see the boys so much, I thoght I’d leave just a few places to add the rest of the clan.

There are quite a few instructions out and about, but I used the ones on Anso’s blog. They are very clear and easy to follow and I can highly recommend this as a project as a gift to anyone.

I went along to a 12 hour crop yesterday. Not for the whole 12 hours – I thought I’d better be kind to hubby and the Mr’s and hang around for a bit! I did however get there for a good 4-5 hours at the end. A nice bunch of ladies – and some amazing work there. My box was the main project I had in mind to do there – and I’m glad I had a lot of time. It got started from scratch and completed pretty quickly.

I also had time to complete the SE April BOM challenge. There were several prompts, but I decided to scrap my quirks. I had it all done before I packed up – with the exception of the last quirk – I couldn’t remember what I’d said! πŸ˜† Well, that’s been sorted out and added to the page now, but the pic is before that.

BOM quirks

I’ve used Romani pp and Bazzil CS, Pebbles Inc stamps and MM paint plus Doodlebug paper frills. I quite like how it came out – although it isn’t quite the way my head pictured it would look. It’s quite bright isn’t it?!

Another thing I’ve taken to doing lately is trying to expand on the story of the page. Sometimes when I’ve finished a page, I’m looking at it and thinking, OK so why did that story seem important, or what extra detail happened that I think I want to tell. This page is an example. I’m pleased with it, it tells a little bit about me – but if someone is looking at it in a few years from now, I’m sure they’ll be thinking – “What the….”

So, I’ve started writing on the back of the page as well. Sometimes it’s a case of what happened next, or just an extra detail or two that I didn’t have room for on the front. But for this page, I felt I needed to explain how this page came to life. So, I noted that the quirks came from a blog tag, and that in turn was formed into a challenge for the BOM prompts. Extra details. Extra names.

I wonder if a generation or two from now, they’ll even have any idea of the time we spent on blogs and forums. Will they be terms that are still used?

PS – someone at the crop said to me last night, “I really like your style”. That stopped my brain in its tracks for a bit. I didn’t even know I had a style! πŸ˜†

I’ll take the compliment anyways!!


10 thoughts on “Exploding Box and other creations

  1. cool! love the exploding box … I’ve tried to make one several times and run out of oomph 😳
    I like your idea for *more words about* your layouts. you can never have too many words … that’s what I think. and it’s great for future generations to know what you were thinking at the time πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome – absolutely awesome. Loving the exploding box – might have to go and have a nosey at the instructions … could then be on my list of things to do. Time will tell.

  3. OMG – that is the exact same gift I have made for my Mum for Mother’s Day!! They are great little boxes, aren’t they? Very easy to make and lots of fun too πŸ™‚ I hope both our mums both like their gifts!!

  4. love the exploding box (wow is all I can say). Love ya bom layout and the fact you add more info on the back. Hmm those eggs look good. And what do you know you have a scrapping style after all.

  5. oh love the exploding box!!! I should make that for my MIL for mothers day!! Its very cool!!

    Love the layout too. I love that Basic Grey range!! Have used it quite a bit :o)


  6. Kelly – I love your box! And it’s nice seeing one decorated πŸ˜‰ I’ve been making these for a while now and have showed Hannah and a few at work how to do them. I think they are soooooooooo easy to make and make wonderful gifts. I’m giving them to new mothers. I figure what better way to pop in a monthly photo and a bit of journaling! And it’s all hidden πŸ˜‰ Oh, also I have an instructions for a better lid, it folds onto it self. Much nicer finish.

    Love the layout too! Yes, I agree that people in the future should know why we scrapped some of these things. I just tend to add them to my journaling but like that you have put it on the back. Funny when I was reading your post I thought ‘will people 20 years from now know what a blog tag was’ lol.

  7. That exploding box looks sensational Kelly.
    And that’s a cool idea you have to write extra background stuff on the back of the layouts. Scrapbooking is a ‘fashion’ industry and that way we do it today is different from a few years ago. We are so much more focussed on the art/creativity side and the techniques. It’s easy to let the journalling become just another element of the design.

  8. Isn’t it interesting when people say that about your ‘style’. I still dont’ know what mine is, but people more recently seem to figure it out. LOL.

    Great LO!

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