That was me you heard this morning.  I got jabbed.  Last year I didn’t get the flu jab…. from memory there was a bit of a shortage and then it seemed too late to think about it.  Then I got pnuemonia AND Glandular Fever within the space of a month.



I am so not making that mistake again this year…. so off I went to see my nurse.  I hate needles….. they hurt! 😯

But hopefully I will not get sick this year.


5 thoughts on “Owwww!

  1. I don’t like needles either but when I get the flu jab I look away. Seems to help lol. I am deciding whether I get a flu jab (as I used to get them through work for free) and it does make a difference.

  2. I hope the flu jab keeps you healthy, Kelly! We are offered them free at work but I’ve never had one! I usually just get colds and since the flu injection doesn’t stop them, I haven’t bothered to get it! Bad I know!

  3. Yep I’m planning to get *the jab*. As soon as my cold finishes!! 🙂 I figure it’s cheap insurance whether I’ve ever had the flu or not. And prevents germ circulation in one corner of the community.

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