A birthday sketch

Di’s sketch this week provided some inspiration for a friend’s birthday next week. Actually, I like the linear, simple lines of this week’s sketch, I can see quite a few cards *different but inspired by*

I also used felt, which is great because it means I’ve managed to complete a DCM dare as well. I like 2 birds.

April Sketch


6 thoughts on “A birthday sketch

  1. Oh it’s lovely! beautiful use of the Sketch, it’s a good classic sketch isn’t it..
    and so glad to have you playing along with the dares at the same time.. :o)

  2. Hey there Kelly !

    Thanks for your lovely thoughts on my blog !

    I am amused by your comment about having the same papers & not knowing what to do with them ! I bought from our Spotlight ‘cos they were cheap ! duh ! sometimes cheap doesn’t mean anything if ithey are hard to use !that’s why I am sticking to the usual designer brands for a start ! lol I was glad that I was able to use the recipe with the papers too ! There are a lot more left ! 😉

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