Karen just tagged me….. so here goes….

Start with seven random facts/habits about yourself. At the end of your post, choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. People who are tagged need to write their own blogpost about their seven things, as well as these rules.

  1.  I have not been drunk since I was pregnant with Mr 5…. those who know me in RL know I have had my moments……*ahem*…. but the thought of dealing with children under the influence of a hangover….  No better way to be self limiting! 😉
  2. I am a recovering shoe-addict.  I still go ga-ga over the cutest shoes….. and I still like to have some cool/unusual ones in my wardrobe……. but I try to be *good* these days
  3. I am the eldest daughter/grandaughter/cousin on both sides of my family.
  4. I would like to be a better friend to my friends….. especially the far-flung ones.  I am hopeless at consistant letter writing….. you’ll get a seven page missive from me once in a blue moon.
  5. I am actually quite shy.  No really, I am.  I am good at faking confidence until I feel it.  I am also as insecure as an insecure thing.  Truly.
  6. I so do not do housework well.
  7. I’m a tea drinker at home or at a friend’s place, but a coffee drinker at a cafe.

Okay ….Looking around for people to choose….forgive me if you have already done this….maybe just link to the one you’ve done – or tell us more about you!  Keryn, Donna, Debbie, Julie, Christi, Michelle, Megan

And to my blog pal Hannah – I haven’t forgotten about your tag from Ages ago….. I just haven’t managed to get a pic to go with the *real* moment yet!


6 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. LOL, we have a lot of points in common 😉 Ok, so the shoes I love are kids shoes. My girls have like 10-12 pairs each lol. Can’t stop buying them lol. I’m quite shy as well. I think people that know me would disagree but it’s hard for me to jump into conversations or to walk up and start talking to people. And even then I have to figure out if you are genuine or not to continue talking to lol. I suck at house cleaning and keeping in touch with friends lol. I try really hard, I’m just not good at it. I just need to admit that lol.

  2. lol at the shoes. I used to be the same with my hot drinks, now I am mainly a coffee drinker with tea on ocassion!! I agree a hangover with kids udner five ewwwww couldn’t think of anything worse.

  3. Oh you are way toooo cute, a recovering shoe addict… LOL!
    I guess I must be too… having kids puts a bit of a hold on the shoe collection heh!

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