Someone kidded this kidder….

I just got conned.  And it’s a bummer because it’s not even April 1 and I STILL managed to get caught out.  Still, it was a goody until someone with less tired eyes than my own spotted the clear hints that this was not for real.

What am I talking about…..  Mr Grendel’s announcement that McD’s is going into the scrapbooking business.  Check it out here.  Just be kind in the ways you tell me I’m a dork!  😆

Ya got me good Grendel!!

Do we want fries or Tombow with that? 😆


3 thoughts on “Someone kidded this kidder….

  1. Hahahaha, I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t real if you didn’t say something! I mean, look at M&Ms, they have many scrapbooking items out. Nothing to offer scrapbooking items when you buy them but still they do a big range!

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