Great minds at a pot luck

Just had to laugh….. turned up last night to our dinner.  To find another girlfriend had also decided on pavlova for dessert.  😯

But it was a double dip pot luck….we’d both brought jelly for the kids as well!!

We agreed not to compare the pavs and to leave it at “Great minds thinking alike”  ….ie we don’t go down the *fools* part.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Great minds at a pot luck

  1. Well everyone would have been running on all eight cylinders after dessert. Yummy … haven’t had a pav for ages, love them smothered in boysenberries … hmmmm … hmmmmm!

  2. What are the odds???? I haven’t had a pavlova in years!!! The last one I had would be 3 years ago! I don’t like the store bought ones but someone made a homemade one with all the fruit! YUM!! LOVED IT!

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