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Revelling in the peacefulness….

I am soooo making the most of it.  45 minutes or thereabouts.  DH and MR 5 have headed off for an errand DH wanted to get done, Mr 3 is in bed sleeping.  Finally.  He’s actually at that point where some days he probably doesn’t need that afternoon sleep anymore.  Today, mummy needs him to. [Mr 5 was unkind and woke mummy up at 5.30… a result, mummy often pays this back with grumpiness. 😆 ] So after playing quietly in bed for 30 or 40 minutes, I poked my head around the door and asked him to actually go to sleep.  He DID!!  I have that 45 minute break to myself.  No TV, no radio…..silence.  Magic.

We are heading up the coast in a couple of hours for a pot luck dinner.  A catch up with a group of friends.  Some days I feel a little selfish that I so readily accept the invitations up their way.  But I tell you – it is just easier.  They have a wonderfully laid out home for a large number of friends and the offspring to come together.  The offspring from us all at the moment seem to be in 3 distinct age groups so every child seems to find at least one or two others to play with.  I know we all love it when there is an invitation to a BBQ or Pot luck on the coast.  I’m so grateful that she has probably been the glue to this particular grouping of friends over the years.  And that they genuinely welcome us all up to their place so frequently.  Thank you my friend.

My offering for tonight is a breadmaker loaf of bread.  I love my breadmaker!  And dessert.  I decided on a Pavlova.  I haven’t had pav for a while.  I can’t claim to be the best ever pav-maker, but I do try.  And to be honest, is it really possible to make a bad pav?  Oh, I know, there are people who make awesomely fantastic pavs.  But bad ones?  Even ones that crumble to pieces as you move them from the oven rack to the plate….. whipped cream and a bit of fruit ….sorted.  So no, I don’t think you can make bad pav.  This particular one looked quite good going in.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.   I need to do some CJ pages on my favourite recipe…. hmmm…. pav could very possibly count.

And on a productive note, I completed the 1st assignment for my second paper over the weekend…. and uploaded it.  2 for 2 so far.  All good.  Even better the Crusaders beat the Hurricanes.  Truly, I was sorry that I got to gloat to DH all weekend so far.  😆 That might be the only success I had though on the Virtual Super 14 …not sure my picks were any good this week. By some miracle, I’ve been leading our scrapping-rugby group since the start of the season.  While I’ve certainly enjoyed the ride, I think there’s a few a bit close now and I may have slipped.  Will need to check that out on Monday.


3 thoughts on “Revelling in the peacefulness….

  1. yum I haven’t had pav in ages. Sounds like a wonderful night out that you are going to have. As fir virtual rugby it’s funny I am just not into it or even rugby this year. I haven’t watched one game all season. quite sad really. I think study has had a bit to do with this. On that note well done on getting your assignment completed. I am struggling today to get back into a study routine today.

  2. Bread and pav sound goooood! Hope you had a fun night!!
    Hehe, I thought of you when I heard the Crusaders beat the Canes!! LOL! I did so bad this weekend, only 15 points and my hubby who *forgot to make his picks for the first time in 3 years of playing* got 29. SO UNFAIR!

  3. I love home made bread made in those breadmakers. I’m not muc of a pav girl myself but I have to agree…pavs are very forgiving.

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